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    Default 3 new old spice scents

    Just saw 3 new old spice bodyspray and deo products they were Fresh Collection Belivise, Red Zone Danger Zone and Champion here's a quick review of each

    Belivise-this was eerily similiar to old spice matterhorn from the sniff of the deo and bodyspray. Not sure exactly the differnce this maybe a little more minty? Not bad at all but if I had to choose between this and matterhorn based on sniff test I'd say close your eyes and pick one.

    Champion-this one was could've been called old spice swagger fresh. It really seemed like a combination of their swagger scent and thier fresh deo. Not bad at all.

    Danger Zone-this is the one of the three I think people here will enjoy the most. This seems to be Old Spices attempt at the modern colognes that are ambery and sweet. I get a Hynose Homme vibe to it. This is a good one.

    Three very good scents from old spice.

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    Default Re: 3 new old spice scents

    I'm holding out for this summers new release...


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    Default Re: 3 new old spice scents

    Next time I travel, either professionally or recreational, to a town with larger malls and thus more diversified fragrance stores (since one can hardly find even the regular Old Spice where I live, but I do have some possible shopping destinations on my radar and/or map both in my homeland and some places abroad in the EU), I might test these new variations and even return on
    Basenotes with some "field reports" from my testings of these 3.

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