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    Default Rituals No 21. Sandalwood & Patchouli... anyone know it or tried it?

    Found this inexpensive fragrance by searching based on ingredients all over the web but cannot find anything about it here or, indeed, anything about the company from you good learned folk. Was interested to find out if any of you had any thoughts about this and the company.

    Found the following about the fragrance, bit confusing as it is referred to a No 19 in some places and No 21 in others...

    mentioned in this good Patchouli article...

    and some reviews of their female fragrances here...

    and that's that!

    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated BN'ers!

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    Thumbs down Re: Rituals No 21. Sandalwood & Patchouli... anyone know it or tried it?

    I have a bottle of this. I must have been seduced by the attractive bottle and note combination. For an EdP it is rather watery. The scent is a mildly spicy, mildly green, flat patchouli. Sandalwood is virtually undetectable. It is unremittingly boring, the type of fragrance you can safely give a distant aunt for Christmas. Guaranteed never to cause offence, nor admiration.
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