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    is Aramis Tuscany a relatively safe blind buy if i like Rive Gauche? and is it suitable for a 29 y.o man?
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    Let me preface this with; I'm not familiar with Rive Gauche and everyone's taste is different as far as fragrance is concerned. With that said, I rather enjoy the scent of Tuscany. I've worn it for many years since the '80's, at one time, daily as my signature fragrance. I was in my 20's when I began wearing it with no problems while in that age group. I have received numerous compliments throughout the years when wearing it. Some might consider it "old school" these days but it's a fragrance I'll always have a bottle of.

    It's a relatively inexpensive buy so if you did blind buy and didn't care for it's scent it wouldn't hurt your wallet too much.

    I give it a thumbs up but I prefer to sample fragrances on my skin in a wearing before buying.

    Sorry I can't provide you a more definitive answer but good luck in which ever decision you should make.

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    It's quite a versatile and easily likeable fragrance. It's got some slight similarity with Rive Gauche due to both being aromatic fougeres. I see no reason why it wouldn't be suitable for a 29-year-old man.
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    Default Re: Aramis Tuscany

    If you already have and like Rive Gauche, no need for the other IMO.

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    Nothing is 100% safe. But Tuscany is in the style, and it's a very good herbal fougere, airy and relaxed. If it's cheap, I think you can take the plunge. If you happen to dislike it, you can certainly find somebody to give it to as a gift.


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    Quote Originally Posted by el_payo View Post
    is Aramis Tuscany a relatively safe blind buy if i like Rive Gauche? and is it suitable for a 29 y.o man?
    YES! and YES!

    Tuscany= Rive gauche + Azzaro Pour Homme - longevity of both
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    Yes and yes. A fine, easy-to-wear scent that bears some familial resemblance to Rive Gauche but differs enough so as not to be redundant. It would be hard to go wrong with Tuscany.

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