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    Default Coconut fragrance?

    Hi everyone

    I was wondering are there any designer fragrances out there that have a tropical coconut scent to them?. Kinda like suntan lotion and not too pricey (around 35-55 british pounds)

    Thanks :-)

    P.S I already have D&G the one that is kinda tropical but lacks the coconut scent.
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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    Batucada. It's more than your budget but perhaps worth a sniff. Ultimately you can attain a decant of it.

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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    l haven't tried it, but l've read that Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts is a good one, & it's available quite cheaply on ebay.
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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    Coco Extreme by CSP

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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    Yeah, the CSP line of fragrances, (Coco Extreme, Coco Vanille, etc.) would be good. Also, I know it's a lot more pricey for a full bottle, but you could get a smaller decant of Creed's Virgin Island Water. (the quintessential coconut tropical scent for me).

    And, if you are looking at decants of pricier fragrances, for that suntan lotion vibe, check out Bond No. 9's Fire Island and CB I Hate Perfume's At The Beach 1966. They don't have coconut, but they have that sunscreen/lotion smell that reminds everyone of being at the coast.

    Some other options for a coconut dominant scent, if you don't mind wearing fragrances marketed to females, would be Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers "G", and Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC Pure Crush. Yeah, they are marketed as female fragrances, but really, anyone can pull off a tropical coconut type fragrance.

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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    You can get a decant of Creed Virgin Island Water....good stuff
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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    Black Orchid, Obsession Night

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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    I think Dolce Gabbana - The One For Men not a tropical coconut scent.

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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts doesn't list coconut as one of the notes...but I smell it in there! It's a great summer/beach/vacation/paradise scent!
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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts is the one to get.

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    Default Re: Coconut fragrance?

    Creed's Virgin Island Water
    Suntain Lotion- Bond no9 Fire Island

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