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    Default Quick comparison help?

    Not sure if anyone has tried all of these, but any thoughts would be welcome. How would you compare...

    Jil Sander Man, Bvlgari Man, Terre d'Hermes, Kiton. (and perhaps Habit Rouge - liked the dry down a lot).

    I've tested so often this past week I think I'm confusing myself, but these are the ones I'm remembering most. Just need a little clarity and I'm always happy to read others opinions.

    My past includes Lanvin L'homme, Bvlgari PH, Gucci Envy (a long time fave), Versace's The Dreamer and currently Chanel Allure.

    Not a fan of acquatics. I'm planning to get some Egoiste as well - really was a knockout scent when I tested it.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Quick comparison help?

    IMO can't miss with Jil Sander Man, Terre d'Hermes, Habit Rouge or Egoiste - all fine.

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    Default Re: Quick comparison help?

    I like TdH over most of the others. But I cant speak for Kiton since I've never tried that one before. Egoiste seems like another good choice from the reviews here although personally I would still pick TdH
    Current Top 5:
    1. Frederic Malle L'eau d'Hiver
    2. Tom Ford Noir de Noir
    3. Dior Homme / Dior Homme Intense
    4. Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane / Pure Malt
    5. Creed Aventus / Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

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