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    Default What's up with those top notes?

    I'm just getting started and have made a lot of blind purchases based on BNs recommendations. Some, I just can't get past the opening (e.g., Versace Dreamer and Zino by Davidoff). I've heard some EDTs have been reformulated. I'm wondering if this is how they are suppose to smell? Do you just tolerate it for the first half hour or so?
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    Default Re: What's up with those top notes?

    Personally don't have an issue with the opening of any scent I own. They pleasure me from beginning to end. Nevertheless I can understand that for some folks, certain notes can be problematic.

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    Default Re: What's up with those top notes?

    be careful with the blind buying. and yes you sometimes have to wait for it to get good.
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    Default Re: What's up with those top notes?

    that's one of the pitfalls of blind buying ...

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    Default Re: What's up with those top notes?

    Versace The Dreamer does have a bit of a strong opening smell, but the drydown is worth 30 minutes of syntheticness. I think the topnotes of most colognes aren't as savory as the drydown b/c there is so much happening at once when it's first sprayed.
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    Default Re: What's up with those top notes?

    It's not the top notes, it's you. You simply don't like them. Keep searching for fragrances you like from beginning to end.

    A very few people hardly ever like top notes at all, like Bigsly. But they are in the minority.

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