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    Cool Back again/Q on reputability of online sellers

    Hello everyone,

    It has been a long time since I have visited the forums, but from 2005-08 I had a simple username of "John" and my reviews/wardrobe are still preserved on the site (unfortunately, I don't have the faintest idea of how to get back into the cockpit of that account). I still frequent the site several times a month, but I haven't had the time to digest the discussions. I hope everyone has been well and I am happy to see that the boards are quite active!

    There is a Saks Fifth Avenue only three blocks from my office, and I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to sniff a wide variety of fragrances at my leisure. I was hoping to hit it off with some of the sales staff, but they have grown irritated that I often come in to sample and chat -- but rarely to buy. There are several Creed and Bond No.9 offerings that I would love to add to my wardrobe, but I simply cannot justify 3-4 bottles at full $180+ Saks prices, no matter my passion for fragrance.

    Are there cost-effective alternatives to buying high-end frags from a retailer while still feeling assured that I am getting the real deal? I am thinking in terms of online sellers and secondary swap/decant markets, but I am willing to hear any suggestions. From FragranceNet and Scentiments to private sellers, I notice some great discounts online, but I was scammed years ago with a fake Creed and don't want to go through such disappointment again. I used to be on top of the marketplace and its risks, but it has been so long that perhaps things have changed.

    Thank you all,

    EDIT: My apologies if this topic is better suited for the Shopping Guide sub-forum.
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    Default Re: Back again/Q on reputability of online sellers

    Two possibilities:

    Parfum 1

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    Default Re: Back again/Q on reputability of online sellers

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Two possibilities:

    Parfum 1
    and fragrancenet is reputable
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    Default Re: Back again/Q on reputability of online sellers legit, good prices, frequent sales, ships very quick, mostly designer but some niche (creed and l'artisan recently) big chain, cheaper than dept stores, some sales, big selection,all designer - sells Creed at a big discount

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    Default Re: Back again/Q on reputability of online sellers

    I use these online resellers from the US and have had no fakes (bought both Creed, Bond No.9 and Lutens from them):

    In order of preference:

    Positive: Very good prices, very good variety & selection of brands, decent customers service, they pack everything safely
    Negative: Higher shipping cost to Europe

    Positive: Good prices, loyalty discount - as soon as you reach $1000 in purchases you get 10% discount in loayalty rebate (I know you aleays can get 10% by using TAKE10, but with loaylty rebate of 10% you can instead choose FREE coupon and get free shpiing world wide), surprisingly fast shpping to Europe even with standard shpping (3-5 days twice for me now), cheap shipping prices (free if you use coupon sode FREE, but TAKE10% is better - you can only use one at a time, so reaching the $1000 purchase mark will give you 10% from there on before using the coupon code), pretty solid variety of brands also Creeds and Bond No.9's and Lutens
    Negative: Not so fast customer service, website looks like it's a fake website full of cheap copy stuff - but this basic design makes the website pretty snappy loading and this shop is totally legit !
    Positive: We get 15% discount when we use the coupon code 'basenotes', they have a nice fast loading website with good design, shipping prices are fair
    Negative: If from outside of the US you're limited to $300 purchases a months and their customers service only exists over the phone. They simply don't read emails. I've contacted them twice on email because the site has an error when you check out with your purchase and choose Denmark as country. It says shipping cost is ZERO, but then it says 'not enough information' which means they lose all customers from Denmark. Again their email customer service is not poor, it is NON EXISTING !
    Finally they pack everything in old used boxes, not good enough

    I can also recommend but that's an european shop.
    Claus The Danish Viking

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