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    Default Next spring/summer scent

    Hey guys first time poster looking for some advice. I am looking to buy 2 bottles this year and find my warm weather perfumes lacking.
    About me, 30 professional, in close contact with strangers often at work, live in Tx where it gets hot and humid.
    My wardrobe so far: TdH, Burberry London/touch/weekend, Dior homme, pure malt, la nuit de l homme, Rocas man, encre noir, azarro ph, leu d issey, platinum egoiste and a few others.
    My favorites have been TdH, pure malt, platinum egoiste.
    I'm interested in obtaining a few more sophisticated complicated scents and am missing a guerlain in my collection.

    Here are a few of the perfumes I'm interested in:
    Grey vetiver
    Dior homme sport
    Allure edition Blanche

    Any help, thoughts, suggestions would be welcomed,


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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Try L'Humaniste by Frapin, Original Vetiver by Creed, Castile by Penhaligons and the Acqua Di Parma line.
    My current top ten:
    1. Oud Wood
    2. Straight to Heaven
    3. Pardon
    4. Santal 33
    5. Tonka Imperial
    6. Pure Malt
    7. Jubilation XXV
    8. L'air Du Desert Marocain
    9. Envy
    10. Terre D'Hermes
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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    I was going to say vetiver is ideal for hot weather (perfect for summers here in DC, for instance). so in your list Grey vetiver by far. I was also going to suggest Chanel Sycomore, a fresh and smoky-woody vetiver; similar in style to Encre Noire, but a great improvement in my opinion, much more natural smelling and pleasant. But you do already own Encre Noire. If you want a Guerlain, there is of course Guerlain vetiver, a classic, as well as the more unusual Vetiver pour elle, which is fresher and has some flowers.

    For a different type of freshness, I also like CDG 2 man a lot; it's lemony incensy, surprisingly fresh, but at the same time complex, with a light "churchy" vibe (because of the incense).


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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Perhaps Fougeres Marines might work.

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    On the cheap side Ysl Live Jazz.

    On the expensive side Creed Millesime Imperial.

    On the Guerlain side Guerlain Homme L'eau.
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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    By Kilian Prelude to love - Gorgeous Neroli!

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Derring-Do for Men by Ineke - One is initially treated to a flurry of invigorating, citrus smells. This sparkling accord has sweet and sour aspects with the zingy grapefruit at the helm. Nascent, watery notes gather strength and come to the fore in a graceful wave of petrichor, that special smell of earth, caressed by raindrops after a dry spell, releasing its pent-up energy. Some metallic smell, perhaps, the exposure of minerals from the force of the rainfall, flutters about. Staid cyclamen joins to highlight its lightly floral greenness evoking thoughts of leaves bathing in a sun shower. These accords are quite refreshing, and trickle to the awaiting middle. Here, elegant magnolia infuses the chaste, rain notes with its creamy, lemony, floral goodness with ghosts of verdure. Also, a pepper note with its lively spiciness, as well as a cardamom note with its prickly smokiness add to the delight of the heart. Transitioning to its pleasing base, sweet and airy guaiacwood along with buttery and rich, virginia cedarwood impart their delightful woodiness. And, a faintly powdery musk with its clean and fresh elements joins the satisfying woods to meander to the refreshful drydown. This bracing composition revels in the spring and summer, and has good projection and longevity.


    Antidote by Viktor & Rolf - One is immediately treated to a fresh and cooling, citrus opening, furnished by the zesty grapefruit, nectarous mandarin and tart bergamot, with a twist of sharp mint. Tumbling to the flush middle, the sweet florals of fruity freesia, green geranium, earthy violet, light lavender and citrusy orange bloosom are nicely encased by the warm and pleasant spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. This lovely, strong heart meanders to the robust base. Here, a pastiche of evocative leather, lively incense, creamy amber, sweet vanilla, murky vetiver, resinous labdanum, clean treemoss, smoky guaiacwood, carroty iris, dry white cedar, bright sandalwood, powdery tonka beans, herbaceous patchouli and soapy white musk bombard you with scents you have experienced a thousand times before. Remarkably, this motley assault leads to an entertaining and intriguing drydown. This high-quality enterprise is very versatile in light of its kaleidoscopic heads, and can be worn any time and any season. A one-stop wonder, this amalgamated composition has excellent longevity and good projection.


    Sel Marin by Heeley - One is initially treated to a brisk duet of citrus from tart and tangy lemon as well as the fresh sweetness of bergamot. This evanescent opening becomes submerged in the awaiting heart. Here, in the middle, posidonia, with its sea-grass, vegetal highlight and oceanic spiciness, joins with a sprinkling of saltiness to furnish a delightful, seashore apparition. White musk interplays with this briny melange to mimic saltwater drying on the skin. Transitioning to the waiting base, earthy and salty vetiver, birch, with its wintergreen and somewhat medicinal aspects, as well as virginia cedar, with its deep woodiness with a hint of petrol, commingle to create the sensation of algaed, pier pilings exposed to air. A comforting drydown ensues. This singular composition has good, radiating projection, as well as good longevity, 7-9 hours.


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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent


    Try Hugh Parsons (Blue)
    Please feel free to check out my Swap Thread - Patou pour Homme, L'Instant de Guerlain PH Extreme, Dior Homme Intense, Pure Malt, Pure Coffee and many more! Click Here For My Swap Thread

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Grey vetiver is nice but I found it a bit "perfumey", normally I would have said think about Encre Noire instead. Maybe Guerlain Vetiver?

    Allure edition blanche is pretty good, and if you want an even purer citrus, get Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport (big, clear bottle, different from AHS)

    I agree with Creed OV (or Mugler Cologne) and Pen's Castile, though Castile can be a bit flowery.

    Creed Millesime Imperial doesn't last super long and is expensive, but is quite a good aquatic. Hugh Parsons Blue isn't that different from it.

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Get the L'Instant and the AdP Colonia Assoluta.

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Edition blanche (smells like lemon custard pie) and AHS are both really good

    Bulgari Aqua and Aqua Marine are good aquatics

    Look into a green, rather than smoky vetiver-they are really fresh

    I have Fresh Vetyver by Roger and Gallet-really fresh but short lived. You can always reapply and refresh yourself

    Instinct by David Beckham- a surprisingly good citrus/vetiver combo

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Vetiver Front by Les Nez
    Balle de Match by Parfums de Nicolai
    Menthe Moderne by DSH Perfumes
    De Bachmakov by The Different Company
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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport
    Lalique White
    Guerlai Homme L'Eau

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    I received my Derring-Do sample just yesterday, but already it's one of my favourites. I highly recommend it. I tend to say that is the best fresh scent I've come across within my 30 years quest.

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Millesime Imperial and Sycomore if you have the moolah

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Acqua di parma blu mediterraneo cipresso di toscana is a fantastic scent for that time of year. Also, even though it it niche brand, its one of the cheapest aswell

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    Default Re: Next spring/summer scent

    Creed Aventus
    A men Pure Shot
    Atelier Orange Sanguine
    Heeley Menthe Fraiche
    Allure Edition Blanche
    Acqua di Bielle Ca Luna
    Currently wearing: Sauvage by Christian Dior

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