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    Default Santal 33 ~ Montale Dark Aoud...Hear me out.

    I got my sample of Dark Aoud from TPC today and couldn't help but get that "familiar smell" twinge going on.

    I soon realized it was Santal 33. I didn't get it immediately on spray but after about 20 minutes when it started to hit the mid.

    The peppery opening in Dark Aoud I think gives me that supposed "papyrus" note you get in Santal 33. The fragrance is obviously darker in feel (I guess due to the aoud) but I think it has that general prickly/woody smell that Santal 33 has. I checked just now and they both share sandalwood and leather in the note breakdown.

    Anyway I am not doing a side by side wrist and they certainly have their differences but I detect a STRONG resemblance to the point where I think I would only buy one of them at this point.

    Anyone else get this?
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    Default Re: Santal 33 ~ Montale Dark Aoud...Hear me out.

    Only tried Santal 33 once, but have Dark Aoud. Don't remember experiencing what you experienced.

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    Default Re: Santal 33 ~ Montale Dark Aoud...Hear me out.

    I don't find them similar at all, except in terms of broad category. Dark Aoud, for me, is medicinal oud, saffron, and sandalwood, whereas Santal 33, despite the name, is a sweet, almost fruity saddle leather. Quite a realistic smell of leather, actually. (I like both very much, by the way.)

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    Default Re: Santal 33 ~ Montale Dark Aoud...Hear me out.

    I don't get the similarity either but maybe you're particularly sensitive to the cedarwood...

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    Default Re: Santal 33 ~ Montale Dark Aoud...Hear me out.

    I found Santal 33 reminiscent of Bois d'Orage.
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    Default Re: Santal 33 ~ Montale Dark Aoud...Hear me out.

    I couldn't make the connection either.

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