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    Default New Duchafours for Lambre? What is Lambre?

    I read that Bertrand Duchaufour created 2 perfumes in 2012 for a door-to-door perfume/cosmetics company HQ'd in the former USSR, Lambre. One is called Son Secret, or something like that. There's a youtube video and so on. Has anyone heard of this company? It seems to be either Russian or Polish, and works like Avon. They used to make perfume dupes.

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    Default Re: New Duchafours for Lambre? What is Lambre?
    it's a new perfumes for men and women created by Bertrand Duchaufour specially for LAMBRE Group International
    it is a new line of branded perfumes. fresh and subtle. the head office is in Poland, but production of the perfumes is in France, Technicoflor

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