I have received six samples of fragrances from the Lubin range and below are my intial impressions from spending time wearing each one.

L`Eau Neuve

A blast of orange citrus is what I'm picking up on the intial application with lemon and its juicy fresh. I'm now beginning to notice the lavender which is paired with
the orange and lemon fruity blast. After a while I'm getting a floral touch with some woods peeking through the citrus and it smells like jasmine.

This is really nice and complex fragrance and now the citrus has gone and its starting to smell to my nose like chaomile and woods mixed together with that floral touch
to sweeten the notes. The fragrance is light and breezy though it has quietened down and reigned itself in after the amazing highy quality citrus blast.

After time has passed I am getting patchouli with woods and a touch of oakmoss in the basenotes. It does smell really nice though I cannot help feeling that it does not
deliver the goods from that great opening citrus blast. You kind of expected something more after that fanfare opening and it does become a skin scent and starts to
whisper more on the skin.

To sum up a very fruity citrus blast that quietens down to what smells like chamomile and woods with a floral touch. It smells good but starts to become a skin scent.
I get five to six hours or so out of it though the projection in the later stages is poor. A very likable fragrance.


Wow I'm liking this right off the bat. A fresh spicy sweet opening with lime and cinnamon and iris coming together to create something I have not smelled before. This
accord is brand new too me I have never smelled anything like it and I'm loving it. I'm getting the nutmeg now amongst the fresh spicy flowery accord, lol... I feel
like a kid who has discovered a new toy. Ahhhh man this is good.

Now that great limey iris accord is calming down and the woody nutmeg is becoming slighty more prominent with a touch of a dark fizzy note, very subtle which must
be the kola nut. It kind of gives the woods a slight coke like effervescent quality though very slight. Ahhhhh this is good.

As time has moved on I'm picking up a bit of vetiver and patchouli though that lovely unusual limey iris accord is still there. It's getting a little more sweet
now but still has that floral woodyness to it.

To sum up a wonderful fresh floral limey iris accord with a woods and nutmeg that finishes with a vetiver patchouli accord in the base while keeping the star of the
show notes. I get seven hours out of it and I really like this one as it has expanded my horizons, this is a brand new fragrance accord that I have never smelled


It starts with a citrus freshness and then a rooty earthyness comes through. It has that rubber accord with cloves and I'm now picking up the grapefruit note mixed
in with the vetiver and cloves.

I'm also detecting that nutmeg note within the spicy fresh earthy root like accord. This fragrance is very airy and I'm now picking up Frankinscense with the vetiver
as time has moved on.

This fragrance has more depth than I initially thought though not too my taste a interesting take on the vetiver note.

To sum up a spicy fresh airy earthy rooty vetiver mixed in with grapefruit and nutmeg. Ok but not my taste. I got about six hours from it.


Well this opens with a fruity vetiver accord, I'm picking up the citrus with apple a little pine with a big dose of figgy plum all mixed together.

This has the fruit of the forest vibe, its aromatic and balmy and the figgy plum is now dominating the show. It's unequal and not the type of scent I usually
go for though it is nice.

You know those soft drinks that have different fruits mixed together you can buy well that is the vibe I am getting from this. You can smell the apple within the
figgy plum mix. I do not know weather to drink it or wear it.lol

To sum up a fruity vetiver with a big dose of figgy plum with the scent of a apple in the mix. It's smells more like a soft drink than something you would wear
though it does smell good in a fruity sweet way. I get seven to eight hours longevity from this one.

Idole EDP

It opens very boozy and spicy with the rum and saffron notes. I am liking this accord and I do believe I am picking up a little bit of cummin within this boozy
spicy mix.

As time has moved on I am getting a sweet woodyness poking through the boozyness and a touch of leather. This is wonderful and totally wearable and smooth. A touch
of incense and is that amber I'm smelling in the basenotes. Ahhhhh this is a good fragrance.

To sum up a wonderful boozy smooth spicy fragrance with woods and touch of leather that anyone could wear that gets sweeter in the basesnotes. If you ever shied away
from boozy fragrances but always wanted too try one then this is the one for you. Its smooth and easy to wear. I get about five hours out of it.


It opens with a citrus and a strong pine note with vetiver in the mix. I like the piney freshness of this one and I'm picking up grapefruit and something sweet
mixed in as well.

The great thing I like about this fragrance is how the pine and fruits with the vetiver go so well together.

Whats this.... as time has passed I am getting a strong geranium note coming through and mixing with the above notes. Its getting more woody now and a bit sweeter.

This scent is so well balanced and I like it a lot.

To sum up a fresh piney vetiver fragrance with woods and fruits mixed together in perfect harmony. A good masculine fragrance and I get six to seven hours from it.

In Conclusion

The great thing about the "House Of Lubin" is how approachable and easy to wear their fragrances are. There are no challenging scents or off putting funky notes
from any of the ones I have tried. For a niche range of fragrances anyone could try these as they are so likable, and it just comes down to personal preferance which
ones you like the most.

If I had to pick my top three out of the ones I tried it would be hard but here goes.

1. Bluff - For its unequal fresh floral limey iris accord with a woods and nutmeg. And for teaching me that there are always new fragrance frontiers that I have
never smelled before too be explored. Wonderful.

2.Itasca - For its perfect balance of piney fresh fruity vetiver notes mixed in perfect harmony.

3. Idole EDP - A smooth boozy woody fragrance that gets sweet in the basenotes and a great introduction to beginners to experience a boozy fragrance.

(I must give a special praise for L'Eau Neuve for its great citrus opening and the chaomile note which I am fond of. The fragrance is a good un.)

If anyone wants to sample these then below are the links to two places they can be obtained:

First In Fragrance - A German company that is fast in shipping and their spray samples are very generous. Highly recommended and here is the link:

Luckyscent: http://www.luckyscent.com/shop/categ...and/Lubin.html

And finally the Lubin website has a slideshow with music on each of their fragrances giving you a insight on what the creators had in mind when creating them.
Heres the link: http://www.lubin.eu/