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    Default Big Lots Fragrance Atrocities for Fun

    Had some fun with the knockoffs on Friday, for an investment of less than $5:

    Ruby Collection: Obsession -- The perfumers didn't obsess about this one at all. Smells absolutely nothing like Obsession. Looks like cat piss in a bottle, smells vaguely like something spilled months ago at Dow Chemical. You can spray this 20 times and the only top note is cheap perfumer's alcohol. It dries into oblivion. Nothing even vaguely interesting here. As Paul Newman said in The Towering Inferno, "it's good for starting fires!"

    Ruby Collection: Paco Rabanne for Men -- Better, but still a very weak cousin to the real thing. You need six sprays on each arm and it dries into something you can smell. You could wear this before a power walk or something and then shower it off.

    Ruby Collection: Acqua di Gio -- Inoffensive. It's water that is watered down. This would be a good car spray.

    Ruby Collection: Lacoste Essential for Men -- Not essential and resembles fermenting lawn clippings. Unpleasant.

    Paco and Acqua were the only two I'd dare to spray. Obsession is best used to light charcoal briquettes on the grill.

    Hilariously, Big Lots' "Ruby Collection" are bottled in the exact same cheap glass bottles with no labels whatsoever. Cap colors vary. It screams Chinese import junk, but remarkably these are made by Excell Brand, LLC in South Plainfield, NJ. The only attempt at class is in the ingredients list:

    Alcohol Denat. (a/k/a denatured perfumer's alcohol)
    Aqua (l'Eau) (a/k/a New Jersey tap water)
    Parfum (Fragrancia) (a/k/a synthetic chemicals that vaguely resemble real world scents, but only within the realm of the $1 price point these bottles sell for.)

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    Default Re: Big Lots Fragrance Atrocities for Fun

    Quote Originally Posted by dampier View Post
    ... It screams Chinese import junk, but remarkably these are made by Excell Brand, LLC in South Plainfield, NJ. ...
    LOL... Jersey. Yeah, that's better than China...

    JK my Jersey friends, I'm from NY originally and I just like to tease our closest relatives.
    Mark K

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