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    Exclamation HdP Lovers! Please Help Me! (My Folly Shall Be Thy Reward!)

    Well, Folks, I bought the wrong dingdangdong perfume.
    It came in the mail yesterday, and I realized my mistake ...only after spraying myself down with zeal.
    I had been really excited to finally buy a bottle of the lush, Oriental chypre from HdP dedicated to the memory of "Mata Hari". And in my usual, brash "aplomb", 1873 being the number I presumed the correct attribution, I bought a bottle -- eagerly and without reservation... or the wisdom to actually investigate which scent glorified which 'figure' from history. (1876 was the ultra-feminine, luxe perfume I sought... 1873 being an almost masculine, astringent grapefruit fougere, resting on a bed of vintage Miss Dior.) (And I paid full-price.)
    With all my heart, I assure you 1873 (dedicated to the memory of "Collette"), is a very refined and very memorable fragrance. I wouldn't hesitate to seek it myself someday, but it's not what I wanted on this day.
    And I am willing swallow a considerable financial loss, and roll back out and try to buy that 1876 once more ! Both to appease my shame and longing.
    So, I offer you, friends:

    HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS 1873 "Collette"
    120ml. edp. NIB (Well, okay, I used it once [see above]).

    Amouage Ubar
    Original 2009 formulation! bought in 2009 at Harrod's Knightsbridge.
    100ml bottle. 35-37.5 % full: juice covers lower spires on medallion. Boxed.

    Jean Louis Scherrer
    Scherrer 2
    100ml. NIB. Very hard to find in this size, concentration and condition. Smells like the original Coco, but better. Elegant juice. A perfect gift.

    Jean Patou. Vintage. Very Hard to Find.
    Un Amour dr Patou
    NIB with tiny pin scratch on bottle paint job.

    Compotoir Sud Pacifique
    Vanille et Abricot
    50ml NIB
    Original Formulation

    Bond 9
    I NY HER
    50ml barely worn (twice-ish?)
    This would make a good gift!

    1. I won't charge shipping within US.
    2. If elsewhere, PM me, and I can make an estimate.
    3. Sorry, folks but due to long shipping times, lost packages and opened packages, I no longer ship to South America or Canada.
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    Default Re: HdP Lovers! Please Help Me! (My Folly Shall Be Thy Reward!)

    I am bumping this sucker. Due to so many requests.
    (Well, maybe not "so" many, I guess.)

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