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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    Quote Originally Posted by Smells_Familiar View Post
    Strange...I own Dzongkha and have a sample of Timbuktu, and while it's been quite some time since I sniffed Timbuktu I remember thinking that both frags have a very similar vibe to them. Can't choose; I'll have to revisit them and compare side by side.
    This has been my experience. In my mind, these scents are so much alike, I can't tell the difference between them - in fact, it sort of always perplexed me as to why L'Artisan released 2 scents that are so alike. However, it sounds like my experience is the minority, as many of you above smell them as very different. I think there are notes in both that just leap out of the bottle and it's hard for me to smell 'around' them.

    One of these days, I'm going to smell them side-by-side and really concentrate on their differences.

    I will say this: I HATED both of these when I first smelled them, and after some time I really started to enjoy them. Total 180. Also, I remember Timbuktu yielding a couple of compliments one time when I wore it, which really surprised me, as it's such a 'strange' scent.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha


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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    I have both, love Timbuktu, like Dzongkha (a lot). Timbuktu wears best on me in cooler temps, Dzongkha in warmer ones. So I wear both and have been known to layer them. I'm kinda crazy about vetiver & incense scents.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    Timbuktu .
    This one I loved from first sniff.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha


    A real mind blowing !

    I just dont care for the smell of Dzongkha , cant explain why ..

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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    No contest. Timbuktu is the aesthetic epitome of the genre, Dzonghka a misdirected fabric softener.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    Today I'm full wearing Timbuktu the 2nd time (and 2nd day in a row).
    It is sooo good - I literally cant concentrate @ my work

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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    I was overjoyed, when i smelled Timbuktu today..pure africanesque opening..just unbelievable but then after 15 just became a more cloying version of Terre D'Hermes - a headache inducing absolutely menacing scent.....Dzongka is nice but unusual, not enough to invest or get a bottle. what a shame, i had high hopes for you Timbuktu.

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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    I prefer Dzongkha, although I rarely wear it. I've never warmed up to Timbuktu.

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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    Of the two mentioned, I'm sure I've sampled both a few times before and Timbuktu is the one I find memorable.

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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    They compliment each other so much. I've always felt they ought to be sold in pairs.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    They're very similar, and I've owned but Dzonkha has a (to me) ugly metallic note in the middle of it, which makes it hard to wear. Timbuktu is more versatile, easier to wear, and just wonderful.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    Love them both, and do not find them very similar beyond the the Duchaufour feel and noteworthy use of incense.

    Despite the categorization of woodsy, I rarely find much wood in Timbuktu. This is a spice rack, and the cumin note note can get a little cloying in warmer weather. I can only do it in the cold (and now that I live in Brazil... it's not getting much circulation).

    I find Dzongkha to be all about the woods with a cool iris doing the same clever balancing act that makes Xerjoff´s leather (Homme) so beautiful. Dzongka is easier, cooler, more fresh and mystical and the cedar is spot-on. To me, Dzongkha smells like the name and geographic inspiration - quite worldly and oriental. (For some reason I have never been able to associate Timbuktu with Africa, where I have traveled a bit. In fact, Timbuktu doesn't fit the "Voyage" motif as the other gourmandy Duchaufour creations in the same L'Artisan series - of which I undoubtedly prefer Al Oudh and Traversee du Bosphore)

    So I would not do without either, but find Timbuktu a bit prickly and sneeze-inducing at times - playing up in the treble clef. Dzongkha kicks some smooth bass, has a more settling effect, and is the slight winner for me.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    Quote Originally Posted by GAIVS IVLIVS CAESAR View Post
    They're very similar, and I've owned but Dzonkha has a (to me) ugly metallic note in the middle of it, which makes it hard to wear. Timbuktu is more versatile, easier to wear, and just wonderful.
    Good to see you posting!
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    I like both, but I prefere Timbuktu more.

    By the way, Dzongkha is more weird and harder to wear.

    I am going to wear Timbuktu again tomorrow.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs Dzongkha

    I like Dzongkha enough to own a bottle. I tried Timbuktu from a friend's bottle and...nope, not for me.
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