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    Default What is it with Escada Magnetism that's so loveable?

    It's such a distinctive fragrance, IMO. I've smelt many women's perfumes, and yes, many are nice. But this one always gets my attention. And when it's applied lightly and I catch a slight whiff, I just want to get closer to the girl wearing it. It screams out "I'm sweet and kind" for some reason. Just the kinda women I like!

    Ladies, what are your thoughts on this cheapy?

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    Default Re: What is it with Escada Magnetism that's so loveable?

    Sorry to leave you hanging G Man! I noticed this post last week and meant to scrounge around for my Magnetism mini so I could respond, but I just remembered it last night. Anyway, this really is a pretty good fruity-patchouli-floral, not cloying or sticky at all, in fact it's very wearable, but I'm not sure I can answer your question as to what makes it so loveable...or very distinctive, really. But there is something in it that separates it from the crowd. And I've noticed the love for it on other sites, which is, I'm sure, why I have this mini in the first place. And I actually love a well-done fruitchouli la Euphoria and Badgley Mischka, and imo, this fits that particular bill, although I do think those two are much better.

    It's not overly-sweet, although someone who doesn't like this category would certainly disagree with me (but then they probably never expected to like it and wouldn't give it a full-wearing anyway). I thought it might be something that appealed to men more than women, but even my husband said simply "cotton candy" ...but that's what he says about almost everything that's not a chypre or heavily-spiced oriental (and he actually really likes those cotton candy scents on me, he's just not always very articulate about them, lol!)

    There's a lot going on here, lots of notes, and although I don't find it especially unique, I find it to be a well-blended composition. I get the blackcurrants and red berries ...the general dark and inky sort of fruitiness that I enjoy more than say, melon or pear. And some powdery, pretty florals are evident - iris, some heliotrope, I think. I would probably enjoy this much more in the cooler months...there's something sort of rich and Christmassy about it, actually. It certainly has a gourmand aspect, but it's not a straight-up confection by any means ...there are just too many elements that keep it from being completely edible, but when the soft caramel note comes out it gets really cozy. I bet it's that rich caramel you find so lovable.
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