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Thread: Avon True Force

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    Default Avon True Force

    Just wondering if there are anyone out there that has tried this little cheapo? (must be!)
    I have yet to come across an Avon-scent which I really like, but I'm just curious about this one.
    Anyone? Opinions? Please

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    Default Re: Avon True Force

    I have...did you read the reviews?
    Smells like Polo Crest...
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    Default Re: Avon True Force

    Personally have never liked an Avon fragrance I've tried. Can't imagine this would be any different for me.

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    Default Re: Avon True Force

    I like this one a lot but the projection and longevity were really poor on my skin.

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    Default Re: Avon True Force

    I picked this one up from the bay and can't really find any similarity to Polo Crest (which is one of my all time favorites). This one is a very sharp fragrance and it's searing bite is giving me a headache, unfortunately.

    The original Chevignon is a much better choice as a Polo Crest replacement, in my opinion.

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    Actually, I have the True Force Deodorant, I got it on sale really cheap once from the site, for like 75 cents and free shipping. Anyways, the deodorant smells amazing really, very classy smell. Sort of in the same realm with Azzaro pour Homme, only without the anise, and maybe more of a greener thing going on.

    Periodically I look for it on Ebay, but I usually only find it for 24.99 and up, and maybe 5 listings, at best. I would buy it for 10 bucks in a heartbeat, and I've seen them go that cheap in the past, so maybe I'll come across one again.
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