Hi everyone , i am new into the fragrance world , i used to have Swiss army , and Lacoste Homme , but my bottle of Lacoste homme is almost empty and my Gf doesnt smell it anymore , even with 4-5 sprays... so i am going to buy 2 bottles
-One for summer / spring and another for colder months

i really love the smell of YSL l'homme but i heard alot of bad things about longevity and projection , so i am not sure if its worth it. i tested a few fragrance on my skin at sephora and La baie ,
- D&G pour homme was nice and lasted almost all day , but its an old fragrance that alot of people use i think.

- Dior homme sport , it was nice but not amazing. ill have to recheck this one

- Issey Miyake l'eau d'issey was way to floral for me , it felt almost feminin , it was a nice scent but a bit floral

- i tried the intense version of l'eau d'issey and it was alot better but didnt last on my skin long enough.

-i tried Guerlain l'homme - Nice opening but for short time turns into wood / floral , didnt last long and wasnt amazing smells woody and i have to smell it up close on me to notice really i have fragrance on me

Boss bottled Nuit(Black bottle) boss turned weird after a 15 min and turned very good later like 2 hours after. weird....even my gf liked it passed 2 hours. the first spray was good but 15 min after it smelled weird.

Bleu de chanel i like the woody smell when it dries , not sure about the projection

i want to smell Terre d'hermes but i dont know where i can find it near montreal in canada.

Not sure if you guys can help me finding the right bottle

i want one with versatility for spring and summer night / day with nice projection

and another for winter with good projection and versatility (dailywear)

Thanks alot for your help , i am slowly starting to get addicted to smelling fragrances , i go to the drugsstore / shop almost every time after my job to test new ones :-)

sorry for my english , i speak french and my english is very bad! hope you can understand