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View Poll Results: How long does Spicebomb last on you?

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  • 1-3 hours

    15 19.23%
  • 4-6 hours

    28 35.90%
  • 7-9 hours

    23 29.49%
  • 10-12 hours

    10 12.82%
  • Move over A*Men, this one is longevity king!

    2 2.56%
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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    Spicebomb is weird. The topnotes are an absolute blast which put you in a huge scent cloud.
    Quite cloying from 3 sprays (with the bottle, no sample sprayers). A friend of mine jokingly said that I "stink", but again he said it while laughing and he has a big mouth.
    And might be a bit jaleous because he can't afford cologne.

    We went clubbing and to my surprise I got some whafts. Not much though.
    Around 6am we were drunk enough to go home.
    I smelled my shirt and I could smell it faintly. No more projection or whafts but it was still there.
    That was 8 hours after application.

    My advise is to watch the trigger with this juice.
    I actually don't like the cloying blast of the topnotes.
    I think the huge opening might cause nose fatigue so the longevity and sillage might be quite good.

    Enough projection for clubbing? I don't know, not really imo.
    The problem is, when we get awesome stuff like (vintage) Dior Homme Intense in EDP concentration,
    how can anything be equally satisfying?

    Olivier Polge didn't deliver a finished product imo.
    The opening is too much and the drydown doesn't really satisfy for me.
    Those first hours make me feel like an attention whore, lol!
    This should have been a more tamed EDP with awesome longevity and a right dosage of sillage.
    Sillage when you are moving around like with l'Instant Extreme and DHI.

    I guess the intense and cloying candy opening with the silent drydown fits the grenade marketing.
    The question is, do we need to have a grenade explosion with the opening and nose fatigue or an unsatisfying drydown?
    Aren't perfumers supposed to make people smell good instead of overthinking the marketing and trying to be artistic?
    And why is this not called candybomb, if it's all about the topnotes?

    I don't know. This is confusing stuff.

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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    Okay I need to nuance the above review.
    I have tested it more and I am surprised.

    This one is actually very good when it comes to longevity and sillage.
    I did 1 spray to the chest and I could get whafts for up to 10 hours!
    After 10 hours, I removed my clothing to take a bath and it was still projecting strongly!!!
    Dosage is key with this one, it seems to be in the "1 spray" category.
    Two sprays max, for me at least.
    I can honestly say, if you do 4 to 5 sprays, you are "that guy".

    I still have a problem with the intense and cloying topnotes, but it is humane with 1 spray.
    I'm surprised nobody has a problem with the initial cloying burst, might be something personal.
    I have worn 4 sprays of Dior Homme Intense and l'Air du Desert Marocain (up to 5 sprays) around people and nobody ever said anything that it is too strong.
    With Spicebomb I can hear people sniffing around and picking up on it before they enter my room. (!)
    Even 1 remark came with it, like you can read above, so watch out!

    This is without a doubt the reason why we have such mixed reviews about longevity and sillage.
    Nose fatigue caused by the cloying topnotes.

    Now to end it up.
    Do I like it? No, I love it.
    This is currently the Tobacco Vanille among the designers, exactly what the designer department needed.
    Is it perfect? No. Not really.
    Like other people have said in different topics, Spicebomb is a grower.
    There are times that I crave to wear this.
    I'm happy I have this in my collection.

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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    Yesterday, 3 sprays to the chest lasted 24 hours with strong whafts.
    Today, I did 1 spray to the chest at 6am, and I'm still getting whafts of it 18 hours later.

    Don't let your nose trick you on this one... lol.

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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    Need an Edp of spicebomb, why only flowerbomb is getting the love

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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    Moderate projection for the first 6 hours, then it becomes close to the skin for the next couple of hours. Though, it comes back alive with body heat.

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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    I have dry skin that soaks up some frags.
    I'm not OLD...I'm VINTAGE!
    Currently wearing: No. 5 by Chanel

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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    I have never gotten good longevity with Spicebomb. I love the scent thought. I have the original, just in case their is a re-formulated version out there that I have yet to sniff. It lasts about 3-4 hours on my skin. Wish it would last longer as I really do enjoy this juice.

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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    Nice fragrance, but it has low sillage and low longevity on me. It lasts much longer on clothing though!

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    Default Re: Spicebomb Longevity Poll

    one of those when you are so tired that you get home and go to bed right away... so 24 hours late - I just got up - I still can smell spicebomb in my clothes :O

    6 sprays total, 3 at each side of my neck

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