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    Default Chanel No. 5 eau premiere / Malle iris poudre / Dior new look 1947?

    Please give me your input - what are your impressions, which do you prefer, and why?

    It has taken me about 7 years to seriously try an iris poudre sample. It is a pleasure to wear, although quite sweet at first, then more woody toward the middle drydown. Lasting power is excellent: over 6 hours, maybe longer. It has a "special occasion / notice me" feel to it, not necessarily a bad thing. Smells similar to ?Kenzo Scent of Peace? - or something like that- in the base. Top / middle notes and base notes distinct long into the drydown and the tension is interesting.

    No. 5 EP feels downright sporty compared with IP (citrus, drier) and lasts about as half as long as IP on my skin - maybe 2.5 hrs? It has that "can wear anywhere and timeless" sort of vibe. Doesn't cross over into "special", IMO, because it is so comfortable beginning to end. Seamless and extremely agreeable to wear.

    New Look 1947 has the more IP feel, quite soft and delicate, but it seems to fade even more quickly than the No. 5 EP, although I'm not entirely sure about that. For NL 1947, I'm going from memory - had a small sample vial used up, then sprayed maybe three soft sprays on the left forearm at the Dior boutique and that's what I'm basing this longevity analysis on. Perhaps this is in one of those gigantic bottles for a reason....but, I don't like to need to reapply fragrance. I like it to be there for an entire evening!

    Please provide your impressions of any or all of the above - thank you!

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 5 eau premiere / Malle iris poudre / Dior new look 1947?

    Iris Poudre is my favorite iris fragrance, and one of my top perfumes that I have tried. I love the progression, as you have described quite well. I'll add that the supporting florals in the middle are beautiful, not over the top (as I don't particularly like screaming florals ). The drydown is beautiful and long lasting. I love how it goes from quite feminine feeling to rather masculine feeling, and I love the play off of each phase. I do see how it could be considered "dressy", but I wear it all the time and don't save it for special occasions.

    Eau Premiere is a work staple, and I agree, a wear anytime fragrance that is just a wonderful blend of pretty/sporty/easy/breezy. It fits them all, and smells great while doing so.

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 5 eau premiere / Malle iris poudre / Dior new look 1947?

    Hi, SL! My reaction to IP and EP are very much like Cello's I don't have much to add, except that I don't get a Scent of Peace connection when I wear IP--Scent of Peace wears very sweet and lemony on me, a lot like Light Blue. I also "read" Iris poudre as unisex (again. Cello has summed that up beautifully). And lCello. I fine EP has become a go-to daily fragrance. I wear it more than IP, in part b/c I have more of it! on hand.
    I do adore both of the above. Now I must try New Look 1947!
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    Default Re: Chanel No. 5 eau premiere / Malle iris poudre / Dior new look 1947?

    Iris Poudre is probably my favorite fragrance, it lasts and is beautiful, but it is expensive! No. 5 Eau Premiere is what I probably wear most. It's an easy, go to version of No. 5, lighter and fresher. I wear it when I know I'm going to be around people who complain about fragrance and it doesn't bother them.

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 5 eau premiere / Malle iris poudre / Dior new look 1947?

    Now I must sample Iris Poudre. I tend to go to EP so often. My 100ml bottle seemed a bit over the top at purchase, but now I am glad I have it.

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 5 eau premiere / Malle iris poudre / Dior new look 1947?

    My first thought about NL 1947 was exactly the same: they made a huge bottle for a reason. But fortunatly for me I was proven wrong. First time i wore this perfum in summer (and I'm talking about summer in UAE) it lasted less than an hour. Such a disappointment, I thougt. But next time I decided to give one more chance to NL it was arabian winter (the best time of the year, btw) and OMG....It lasted and lasted and lasted forever. What a beautiful fragrance, so feminine, so soft, so sexy

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    Default Re: Chanel No. 5 eau premiere / Malle iris poudre / Dior new look 1947?

    IP far drydown reminds me of Molinard's Iles d'Or EDP, not Kenzo Scent of Peace- I got things a bit mixed up! The Iles may be more vanilla than wood, though. The IP drydown is subtle but distinctive; for me, the EP drydown is just okay, it's the top and middle that are wonderful.

    Thank you for your comments. It sounds like, overall, we have similar experiences with IP and Eau P.

    Regarding the NL1947, I sampled in moderate temperatures in Las Vegas. It may be that it needs to be applied more heavily than I'm used to doing. This is so delicate and I really want it to work for me like it did for vmmmlls.

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