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    Default Mixing the Substances..

    Hello, dear members!

    I have all the substances required for creating a perfume and I am ready to start!
    My question is in which order should I mix the "juices"!

    I have the following substances:

    - Essential oils
    - Carrier oil
    - Pure ethanol 95%
    - Glucam P-20 (fixative)

    I was thinking of adding the carrier oil in the ethanol first, then the fixative and then the the essential oils (base notes, then middle notes and then top notes).
    Please, let me know your opinion about this order ad your recommendations!

    Also, I have read that the stirring after adding each essential oil drop by drop should be made thoroughly.
    As I am going to work with μL and not mL or drops at the beginning, the stirring will be more violent.
    Do you think this would affect the perfume quality?

    Thank a lot!

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    Default Re: Mixing the Substances..

    Quote Originally Posted by moore View Post
    For better replies you should visit and post your thread here:

    Good luck!
    yes there will be a lot more help for you there.

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    Default Re: Mixing the Substances..

    Thank you!
    Just posted in the recommended forum!

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