I bought Potion EDP after the first sniff, which is something I don't do a lot.

There have been a lot of reviews claiming it has terrible longevity and sillage.
I tested it multiple times. I do 2 sprays to the chest and 1 to the back of the neck.
Longevity is at least 7 hours on my skin.
Sillage? Not really good but I did get some whafts during those hours.
I like strong fragrances but I am not disappointed with Potion EDP.

Now what people seem to forget with Potion is the purpose.
This is not a clubbing fragrance like Vintage Dior Homme Intense with superb sillage.
Potion is the perfect fragrance for a date.
It is not made to get attention, it's not a clubbing fragrance.
It's a subtle fragrance which will project at the right time.
For example when you move around.
You can't judge Potion while wearing it at home, sitting in front of your computer doing your work.
It will project a sensual, mysterious and inviting cloud while you are giving your date a kiss before you're going to a restaurant.

Potion is marketed as a sensual fragrance.
It represents a tool of seduction, conquer and emotions and is inspired by the chemical workshops of the past. Potion is designed as a magical alchemy that evokes carnal desires and lust.

The composition is aromatic woody with a distinctive background of amber. It is developed by Annick Menardo. “A new recipe of olfactory seduction” and “a potion of quality ingredients arousing amorous desires”
I totally have to agree with the marketing.
It's an interesting fragrance that will draw girls in.
If you are on a date with a girl, and she gets a whaft of it, you will come over as mysterious and sensual. She will get close to you to smell more. I repeat, it is not meant to project like most panty droppers, this is sophisticated stuff.

I like to compare it with Rochas Man.
Another sensual fragrance, but without good projection.
Great for dates, and even for college/university or even at work.

My advise is, try this fragrance and never forget the purpose of it.
I love this stuff.
I expected it to be very unisex, but it's really masculine from my view.
Smoky, slightly sweet and spicy, amber and cinnamon. Great stuff.