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    Question Penhaligon's Esprit de Lavande

    I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of this discontinued Penhaligon's fragrance. It was originally launched in 1870 (though this date precedes the firm's first fragrance Hammam Bouquet), discontinued, relaunched in 1992, and finally discontinued in 2003. Here is a description from a dead merchant site, probably copied from Penhaligon's website before EdL was discontinued:

    "Esprit De Lavande is classified as a green herbal fougere unisex scent. Enjoyed by men and women.
    Fragrance Notes: A blend of lavender, basil, canella (white cinnamon bark), black pepper, Clary sage, oak moss, musk, moss and vanilla."

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    I have a memory of trying it in the Glasgow Penhaligon's store way back in the late 90s. I love lavender but did not buy it. If I can remember correctly it was a herbal style lavender. I think they also did a candle which I might have bought, I did buy their candles at that time they only cost 15 totally beautiful too.

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    Anyone else?

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    Well, I've tried it and here are my thoughts:

    Esprit de Lavande, a discontinued Penhaligon's offering, is a simplistic lavender-laden gem among so many imposters. EdL is clear, concise, and of good quality though it is nothing more than a simple lavender water with an herbal, floral, and tonka component. Per its namesake, it just this, a spirit or tincture of the lavender flower. It is a bit dated, old-fashioned, and out of date, but nice. The tonka and herbs are a bit strong and the fragrance overall is a bit thin though quite vintage. Try it if you get a chance.

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