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    Default Japanese Goth Scent

    Hi there everyone. I was wondering if I could trouble you for fragrance recommendations. I'm hoping that this is the right place to post this request.
    I want to smell like a Japanese witch. I want to remind people of things that go bump in the Asian night. If you've ever read xxxHolic, I want to smell like Yuuko. If you've played Bayonetta, I want to smell like her. Yeah, yeah, I hear you laughing.
    To be a little less abstract, I really love woodsy, incesnsey scents. But I love woods more than incense. I would also like to smell feminine. Florals are fine (especially rose). Candy or anything sugar is not. However, I'm not dead set against unisex- Le Labo's Rose 31, Patchouli 24, and Gaiac 10 were all big hits with me, and all are considered unisex. I'm 25 and interested in smelling distinctive and unique, but not downright weird.
    Also, I work and learn around people, so I would like something that falls a little short of the sillage monster that I know what I am asking for usually makes you think of. Throw is great, longivity is my hope, but I don't want something that's going to knock people over. Something I can wear in the daytime in good conscience.
    Fire at will! Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Funny !

    Yuuko: Comme des Garcons - Kyoto, Amouage Jubilation XXV, Montale Full Incense,
    Bayonetta: Comme des Garcons - Artek, Montale Black Aoud, By Kilian Incense Oud

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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Bandit by Robert Piguet

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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Fascinating thread. If you can get a hold of the sampler from Satori you may find something good. Lots of traditional Japanese scents in her fragrances, particularly incense. I'd say get the sampler and while you're at it order up the band Buck-Tick's 13th Floor With Moonshine album to accompany it.

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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Man, you guys rock Thanks for the input! By the way, since incense is the direction things have gone thus far, I wanted to ask: do you find the fragrances distinctively smoky? I splurged on a whole bottle of CB I Hate Perfume's Fire From Heaven only to discover that it had crossed the line into too smoky and too unisex.

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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Black Aoud-dark rose and patchouli

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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Micallef Aoud Gourmet

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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Timbuktu and Dzongka by l'Artisan Parfumeur are woody incensy with a touch of smoke, though not too strong. For green live forest, Ormonde woman by Ormonde Jayne (which however has no smoke).


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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    The most obvious answer that popped into my mind was CDG's Kyoto (smoky incense paired with rose). Also maybe a dark spicy woody patchouli rose like Malle's Noir Epices or Caron's Parfum Sacre. And, honestly, much of the Serge Lutens line might be of interest.
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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent


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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Thank you so much everyone! I am adding all of these fragrances to my list! I'm so excited to expand my horizons! Now I am feeling a little guilty, though-should I have included sugar and fruity scents? Are there some great offerings in those fields that I'm missing out on?
    Also, I was looking at Andrea Maack Dark yesterday.... does anyone know anything about it?

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    Default Re: Japanese Goth Scent

    Dominique Ropion's Portrait of a Lady, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. Mana and Sebastian Michaelis will approve. Dark romantic rose patchouli in a bed of japanese incense, with a tinge of antique mystery.

    For something fruity, a candle in a black glass with the night scent of a rose garden fringed with bushes filled with berries - Diptyque's Baies Noire.

    I rather think Bayonetta would smell like sexxxx. You should visit Etat Libre d'Orange. ^_^)/
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