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Thread: Oud and Musk

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    Default Oud and Musk

    Hi, I am just worndering about how poplular are oud and musk? where I live we used them all the time and I was shocked when I saw here in the forum that many people listed ouds and musks as their favourite smell. if you like oud and musk, why? i am trying to find out what note/smell you like about them?

    I am so shcoked with the prices, i saw some in amazon for 200 USD and even more

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    Default Re: Oud and Musk

    I like the way oud and musk are blended with other notes - not necessarily by themselves.

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    Default Re: Oud and Musk

    Welcome! Where are you from?
    Oud has become pretty popular in niche perfumery, though it hasn't really spilled over into mainstream much. Musks have always been used in western perfumery, typically blended with other notes.

    As for prices, pure ouds must be expensive even in the Gulf, though of course there's always a markup when they come here...


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    Default Re: Oud and Musk

    Why people like them is obvious. They smell good
    Why they like them now?

    Well because they were only relatively recently introduced into western (to us) perfumery.
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