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    Default A female perspective on Acqua di Parma Essenza

    My nose is not as good as most others, and for me, Colonia smells like rose and a bit of lemons, with a nice not-too-soapy feel. Seems to be better in heat as the sweat engages it somehow. Tried some Essenza and wife prefers it, then Colonia and can not abide Intensa or Assoluta. but she can not describe it for me. She swears it is more intense and more projecting than Colonia. Me, I can't tell what it is, even if I read the description from reviews. It is like Creed Aventus on me - for a few minutes I can smell it and can pick out one note, but after 20 mins, I swear I can not smell it on me. However, others say Creed Aventus smells great on me and really projects and lasts, and I would get it but wife does not like it and for the price, nah.

    So,help me with Essenza? Can you describe it and even compare it to something I may have smelled before? And how do you like it compared to Colonia, for smell, projection and longevity?

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    Default Re: A female perspective on Acqua di Parma Essenza

    no one?

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