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    Default Reve d'Or: A change of opinion

    Reve d'Or is to Piver what Royal Bain de Caron is to Caron: a fragrance that a particular region wildly enthused about for no very obvious reason, and bought a lot of over a long period of time. Royal Bain generated much revenue for Caron because of its popularity among Voodoo practitioners, who used it liberally in their ceremonies. Reve d'or ("Dream of Gold"), on the other hand, not long after its release in 1889, took off in some Muslim countries. Due to the then contemporaneous French presence in Egypt (and esteem for all things French), it became rather ubiquitous there, and remains very popular in barbershops to this day. Reve d'Or is Egyptian barbershop, categorically, and is especially popular with Berber men.

    I picked up 423 mls of this a year ago in a little Ethiopian shop for virtually nothing, curious to try it, having heard it reminisced about. I didn't like it; it struck me as a much inferior Equipage. Aldehydes, tea roses, geranium, orange blossom, possibly star anise, a touch of sandalwood, vetiver... Understated, but at the same time a little unsettling. I put it away after a few tries, thinking it unwearable. I was surprised a few hours ago when, on a whim, I dredged it out and splashed some on. What a difference! The tea-roses - which before smelled a little like anise - are now warmed by orange-blossoms, through which geranium peeks with restraint. I actually enjoy this! It is rather linear, but actually pleasant.

    This is the first time that a fragrance smells so different to me after a year's interval. It makes me wonder whether there is some truth to the occasional evolution of a jus in its bottle. For it was less well-blended when I last tried it. I remember formerly being quite disappointed, and finding the tea rose/geranium accord sharp, the orange blossoms sitting off to one corner by themselves. It will now get very occasional (infrequent, but still periodic) use by me. Do consider trying it, if you are in some Egyptian or Turkish drygoods store - it is easy to find and very inexpensive.
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    Default Re: Reve d'Or: A change of opinion

    Just relayed this information to my wife and her interest was heightened. Seems like something she might like. Thanks for the info.

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    Default Re: Reve d'Or: A change of opinion

    I often wonder about time and change on fragrances. Some seem to go "off," while others just, like wine, get better with age. Others have a stinky top note, then settle down into loveliness.

    And this sounds like something the man in my life might like very much. Or me. We tend to wear most of my fragrance wardrobe interchangebly.

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    Default Re: Reve d'Or: A change of opinion

    What were you doing in Ethiopia ?
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