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    Default NR Essence Musc Intense - anyone own it?

    Hi Ladies!

    I'm really curious if anyone here owns or has sampled NR's Essence Musc Intense version - the one that looks like this:

    If anyone owns it I'd LOVE to do a sample trade. I have a lot of samples and can make samples of anything in my wardrobe, too.

    I'd also love to hear more opinions on how it differs from the original. I love the original but as a man, find it a bit too feminine on my skin. The added woods and incense sounds like it would make this one a potential winner, though.


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    Default Re: NR Essence Musc Intense - anyone own it?

    I own it. The reason I bought it(actually got a full bottle quite cheap on ebay last year), is because it is so close to the NR Musc Oil. I loved the Musc Oil but sorry at 95 a bottle to rich for my blood. I have not really tried the original version, but reading reviews the word metallic is used to describe it. This is very smooth and soft musk.

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    Default Re: NR Essence Musc Intense - anyone own it?

    Thanks Donna. I actually find the musk in the original both metallic and smooth - if that makes any sense. It's kind of like the musk in Ck One - a lot of soft/smooth/creamy white musk, combined with some metallic elements (which from what I've read, in CK One at least, is primarily due to the large dose of dihydromercenal).

    Do you find NR Essence Musc Intense to be extremely feminine, or do you think a man could pull it off - a man that is pretty comfortable with flowery scents for men such as Fleur du Male, Le Male, etc.

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