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    Default Is YSL Live Jazz similar to Uomo? Moshino

    I own and love Uomo? Moshino. I am thinking of picking up a bottle of YSL Live Jazz. Are they similar?
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    Default Re: Is YSL Live Jazz similar to Uomo? Moshino

    For me they're not.

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    Default Re: Is YSL Live Jazz similar to Uomo? Moshino

    not really ...

    Uomo? Moschino by Moschino - One is initially treated to a crisp tarantella of bittersweet, citrusy kumquat and sweet and woody rosewood, tempered by an astringent and sour coriander. This fresh blend rapturously floats on a perfumed cloud, and eventually drifts to the awaiting middle. Here, in the heart, the fresh blend is supplanted by cyclamen, with its mildly sweet, floral accents, spicy and warm, cinnamon leaf as well as nutty clary sage, with its hint of anise. This invigorating medley flows to the waiting base. The refreshing base is a mixture of dry cedarwood, soapy musk and candied amber, moderated by antiseptic artemisia. An exhilarating and outdoorsy drydown ensues. This pleasant and masculine composition has average projection, albeit radiating, and excellent longevity. The quality to price ratio for this all-season fragrance is heavily skewed in its favor, given its inexpensive price.

    Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent - One is initially treated to a citric blast of bittersweetness from tangy grapefruit and zesty lemon. Sweet spearmint invades the citrus duet, and, with its brightness, fosters a refreshing and cooling sensation. This invigorating medley brews for a spell before meandering to the adaptive middle. Here, in the heart, heaps of coriander, with its spicy and faintly sweet grassiness, commingle with the tart and vegetal rhubarb leaf, and envelop the opening concoction infusing it with warmth and greenness. A faint strawlike something twinkles in the background, along with the minty citrus. Transitioning to the waiting base, dusty and dry cedar, somewhat floral and honeyed ambergris and a tinge of vanilla intermingle to generate a pleasing drydown. This all-season composition has average projection, after an hour becoming a skin scent, and longevity, 5-8 hours. In view of the foregoing as well as its favorable price point and wonderful versatility, an enthusiastic "thumbs up" is warranted.

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