Started collecting this last fall and winter and would like to add a couple of summer fragrances.The weather here is subtropical . So there is often very very high humidity and hot + 90f weather and sticky. I learned this winter that i absorb fragrances due to my skin type and some fragrances don't last long on me. Hoping the hot weather will remedy my dry skin. I must be part frog because its not that dry here in the winter.So hopefully i'll get better projection and duration this summer without the dry skin.(now using body lotion which helps) I went to Saks and tried out many many of the bonds and quite a few of the creeds and a few of the summery Tom Ford fragrances and these are the ones i liked the most after sampling them all except for the guerlain which i only grabbed a whiff of when it was spotted on the way out the store and took a spray.

In no special order and why i am undecided.

PICK 2 please

Creed Virgin Island Water
Creed Silver Mountain Water
Bond No 9 Coney Island
Tom Ford Azure lime
Tm Ford Lavender Palm
Guerlain Vetiver

Pros and cons

Creed VIW
+ was great smelling lime and coconut and reminded me of trips to the Caribbean and has a fun personality
- concern of longevity on this one. Tried my sample on a warm day but not sure how much i applied using a cheapie sample plastic spray borrowed from bond counter ,but i last 5 hours.

Creed Silver Mountain Water
+ really smelled fantastic was hard to resist buying it on the spot and sample preformed well on my skin
- will this be to heavy in the extreme heat?

Bond No. 9
+ loved the tartness of this Not to sour for me! Really enjoyed and makes me happy and as much Fun as VIW and lasted lasted and couldn't stop smelling myself afterward

- concerned that i may tire of this novelty scent? miss it since i used up my sample

Tom Ford Azure lime
+ loved this lime scent
_ will it last on my skin this summer? wasted my sample before it got hot (couldn't help myself it smelled so good)

TF lavender palm
+ something about this one i like I guess i am a lavender fan just smelled good
_ somethings holding me back and not sure why maybe the price?

+ spayed a card myself seeing the bottle there and really like a lot
_ not sure about high heat and being to heavy but not sure without having asked for a sample

I tried many of the bonds and creeds and these are my favorites so far.
I keep changing my mind and but am happy to have found so many i enjoy.
I did like wall street and did like green valley but the previous ones were tops for me
for now.

I figure only 2 for now to hopefully keep me from over spending.

ps i have thoughly enjoyed reading the many informative reviews ( positive and negative) and varied opinions of the base note community.

What a great hobby and loving it!
Fragrance bring me great JOY
Thanks for your help