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Thread: In the air!

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    Smile In the air!

    Unseasonably warm week here in the CLE, magnolias and other flowering trees are in full bloom, so walks around my neighborhood are perfumed! Not sure where that sharp almost prickly fragrance is coming from, possibly wild cherry or a crab apple; if you've ever smelled spirea, a leggy sort of shrub, that is what these tight clumps of white tree blossoms smell like. Later, the older flowering crabs will contribute insane sweetness along with lightly indolic daffodils. Pansies are gentle, and in a month or so, tulips will be greenly ravishing.
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    Default Re: In the air!

    I wish we had late winters and early springs like this year, every year. Colors and smells are great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    I wish we had late winters and early springs like this year, every year. Colors and smells are great.
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    The season is in full bloom here in DC too, given also the unseasonably warm month. Cherry blossom is almost coming to a close; cherry blossom don't smell like much though. The main smell around this building is hyacinth, there are plenty. There are plenty of daffodils too, but unfortunately the variety planted here is vulgarly showy but has no smell. Roses will come later, but again, I suppose most of the roses are of the plasticky, fragrance-free type.


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    We are starting to get a lot of lilac odor around here. Blossoms are everywhere - many different trees and shrubs. There are HUGE wafts of fragrance going to and fro on the breeze, and most of the time, it's impossible to say which trees are the ones hitting me at any given moment. Really wornderful!

    I just discovered that pear blossoms have a nice, relatively strong odor at the right time of bloom. It's something like an indolic apple juice odor - a bit urinous and jasmine-like. Nice!
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    My Korean Spice Viburnum is blooming today. I is beautiful and heavily fragrant!

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