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    Default Re: CHANEL allure homme sport EXTREME

    I tried this yesterday at Nordstrom and was surprised that I didn't care for it that much. Too much tonka bean for me. I did like the initial Dr. Pepper-like notes, but it dried down to something like Himalaya with the tonka bean cranked.

    One thing that did make a positive impression on me was that my Nordstrom was now carrying the full Chanel men's lineup (except for the non-concentree Pour Monsieur. They had Antaeus and Egoiste, which blew me away; glad to see these two coming back to wider distribution!

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    IMO its not that the Allure line is bad as such more that it is there to please the mass market. I liked the original Allure Homme and bought it but it never got that many outings. AHS is the real big hitter of the line and to me is the epitome of "sport" fragrances. I don't like it because it is wayyyyy too loud for my taste. Even the cologne version is pretty tenacious.

    I'm not gonna go on more about the line but I think the point is that the last groundbreaking or daring male fragrance from Chanel was Egoiste.

    But this pleases the snobs like us and everything for men since has been aimed at a mass market which is why the majority of guys on this forum start bad mouthing Chanel men's fragrances before even smelling them.

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    Is it just me, or does the dry down of AHSE smell strangely like a fresher version of the Lancome Hypnose Homme dry down?? I'm getting a striking similarity in the overall aroma. Someone please tell me I'm not crazy!
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    Default Re: CHANEL allure homme sport EXTREME

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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    This latest one wasn't one of their most inspired releases IMO.

    I have read many of your posts , and i wanted to say you handle your comments with class, while the other people are being very critical about certain fragrances, you will simply say "wasn't one of their most inspired releases IMO"
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    Default Re: CHANEL allure homme sport EXTREME

    Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme isn't really a bad fragrance. In my opinion, it should have its own name as it smelled different from AHS or the original Allure Homme, at least to my nose. The Tonka is dominant in this one. Projection is excellent, and longevity is very good.

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