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    Default M Micallef from India??????

    I recently met a woman who was wearing a beautiful fragrance which upon asking she pulled a bottle of perfume out of her purse and pronounced it ah-root??? She explained that she always buys this fragrance in India but cannot find in the US.

    The bottle looked similar to the image I linked below. Very amber in color. It had writing on the bottle I could not read (Hindi?) On the bottom of the bottom read the perfume house of M Micallef.

    I have since order samples:
    1.Aoud Gourmet
    2.Royal Muska
    4.Mon Parfum
    5.Watch for Her

    The scents that closest resemble what I remember was Watch or Patchouli. It may be my skin chemistry or my memory but I cannot be sure which scent I smelt. Looking for any help you can offer, Thank you in advance!!!!

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    Default Re: M Micallef from India??????

    No image
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    Default Re: M Micallef from India??????

    Similar bottle and color. Just afraid this is not it. I do not remember a strong patchouli influence in the scent. Wondering if anyone knows the language and what ah-root, u-rout, ur-root might mean??? Thank you.
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    Default Re: M Micallef from India??????

    Definitely that picture is a dead ringer for my bottle of Patchouli by Micallef... I don't have a translation for those words, however.
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    Default Re: M Micallef from India??????

    The picture is of the Patchouli. Have the same bottle also.

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    Default Re: M Micallef from India??????

    Thanks for the replies I know this bottle is of patchouli. I was just showing it as reference to the similarities....shape/color. The medallion on the front was different though. I have a sample of the patchouli....I'm thinking it was a different fragrance. Just wondering if anyone from India might be familiar with a different fragrance of theirs that sounds like au-root????

    Thanks for the help again!

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    Default Re: M Micallef from India??????

    I checked the directory, nothing there sounds like "au root", but you should take a look:

    Or could it be this one: Aoud Gourmet:
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    Default Re: M Micallef from India??????

    Could it be Rose Aoud? At least it sounds somewhat like "ah-root". But the juice for this is sort of a pink color.

    You mention both Patchouli and Watch, which are quite different. Watch (aka Time For Love) comes in a similar bottle but the central medallion contains a small clock. It is a strong Tuberose-Jasmine floral. Patchouli is not overly strong with the patchouli note, and is sweet with vanilla and benzoin.

    Could you describe the way it smelled in more detail?
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