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    Has anyone tried this fragrance? It was released last year. Top notes are saffron and cinnamon; middle notes are cedar, incense and rose; base notes are patchouli, agarwood (oud) and amyris.

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    Yes and they also have City Boy.
    nice perfumes. Nothing to email home about.
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    they're handing out samples, check b'notes front page story
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    I'm going to do a vid on this house soon. I am very impressed. Golden boy gives tuscan leather a run for the money and city love is like noir de noir without the deep balminess. Very excellent soft rose fragrance. Longevity and projection are both killer. I am waiting on my order of city oud to come in so I dont know about it yet but I have high hopes!

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    city oud came in earlier then city love was launched according to basenotes i tried both and cannot make up my mind, i am waiting for tonight to check which one. earlier when i tested them on cartons one left a marvelous base note, when is i went back to the store and wrote down which is which! i'll let you all know!

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