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    Does anyone know where I can get a small amount of l-muscone? All the suppliers seem to be Chinese and have very arcane systems for getting paid. I'd like to deal with a company that accepts credit cards or PayPal.

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    I know where you can get iso-muscone - Perfumerís Apprentice have it - but so far as I know l-muscone is only made by Takasago and although I got a sample from them
    a) it took months as it came by surface transport from Japan and
    b) to buy any you have to meet a huge minimum order.

    Currently I only use it in very special commissions because all I have is a little sample. The difference between the two is very subtle though: iso-muscone is a very good alternative.

    If anyone knows of another source Iíd be interested to know too.
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    Thanks for the tip. I actually figured out their ordering system and ordered a small amount. It was very inexpensive.

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