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    Default Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    I have not tried Santal 33 but own Santal Noble and love it and I simply love sandalwood. How would you compare these two ? Im considering a blind on this one and just wondering who prefers what and why. Thank you !

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    I haven't tried Santal 33 either, but like yourself am a big fan of SN.

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    I wouldn't risk a blind buy on this. I got more cedar than santal from my sample. Dry and smoky, most unlike Santal Noble.
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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    They're both excellent perfumes. I have both.
    If you love sandalwood, you'll enjoy both artistic interpretations of the regal wood.

    If you're unfamiliar with sandalwood or want a sandalwood perfume for the sake of enhancing wardrobe then definitely Santal Noble.
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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    Santal Noble for me.

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    Santal 33 is a predominantly violet and cedarwood affair. And dill.
    I don't care for it much.

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    I adore Santal 33, but as noted, it's not predominantly sandalwood. It's a very grippy blast of dry woods, dry coconut, and violet. Le Labo intentionally name their fragrances for secondary notes.

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    I would not blind buy Santal33.

    Here's my perception of that fragrance:

    Santal 33 by Le Labo - One is initially treated to a somewhat rugged duo of Australian sandalwood and Russian leather. The sandalwood infuses its camphoraceous woodiness and slight nuttiness, and interplays with the saddle leather with its inherent smokiness. A faintly turpentinic element presents. Transitioning to the awaiting middle, mildly spicy cardamom infuses the spaghetti western blend with its aromatic, slightly sweet and nutty facets. A woody, violet-like iris also presents. And papyrus, with its withered grassy and light wood facets, serve as a undertone for the sweetening brew. Segueing to the waiting base, Virginia cedar, with its buttery, sweetly fresh, pencil shavings aspects, commingles with a candy-like violet. Magical ambrox imparts its velvety waves of ambergris and musk. A near saccharine drydown ensues. This high-quality composition has average, radiating projection and very good longevity. Albeit the base borders on being too sweet and artifical, I must respect the other stages of development. Resultantly, I am giving this an unenthusiastic "Thumbs Up" rating.

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    I have had both and I kept Santal Noble and traded the Santal 33. Santal Noble is warm and woody while Santal 33 is Sweet and not really a sandalwood.
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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    Not comparable. Santal 33 has surely sandalwood in it but, as often with Le Labo, smells pretty synthetic. Personally I like it (and own it) but I wouldn't encourage a blind buy. That being said, if you're up for a more "natural" sandalwood-centered fragrance you should probably get something else...

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    They are poles apart. Santal 33 gives me a eucalyptus vibe. This is not a shy scent and it must be sampled before you buy. Santal Noble will be the friendlier of the two with the creamy sandalwood and coffee notes.

    I wear Santal 33 when I'm doing more outdoors activities. Maybe going to the park, going for a few drinks at a beer garden with friends because it gives me that feel of the outdoors and Australian bush. I find it very masculine and even a little harsh. Santal Noble is regal and inviting and this is a smart casual suit fragrance for me.

    Best of luck!
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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    Santal Noble is a joy to wear in many, weekends, travel, etc.

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    Quote Originally Posted by koala501 View Post
    Santal Noble is regal and inviting and this is a smart casual suit fragrance for me.
    It really is a good fragrance and without a doubt my favorite sandalwood in any fragrance thus far.

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    Try the Le Labo ON YOUR SKIN before you decide, this stuff is quite polarizing and you'll either like it's tropical, radiant, slightly synthetic take on sandalwood, or not. You will NEVER compare it to the MPG, that's for sure.
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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    Definitely worth trying S33 but, as others have already said, not really comparable to SN.

    If you like S33 you might also like to try Santal Blush. It takes the S33 version of sandal (synth) but treats it with more subtlety and uses some florals and spices to add a "human" touch.

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    Default Re: Santal 33 or Santal Noble ?

    I much prefer the smell of Santal Noble.
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