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    Default Seeking quick advice: Allure edp vs edt

    I've been enjoying a sample of Chanel's Allure edt which is nearly gone. I'd like to purchase some and take it on a trip with me in two days. But as I'm a bit concerned with the longevity of the edt, I'm wondering if I should get the edp. I'm looking for some advice because I won't have time to sample/test before I make the purchase and pack... I've studied this website's description and reviews of both but am wondering if anyone has any additional input. 3.4 oz's is a big committment! Is the longevity of the edp substantially better? How different do you find the two scents?

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    Default Re: Seeking quick advice: Allure edp vs edt

    Hi Kari, welcome to basenotes!

    l tried the EDT & loved it some time ago, but the bottle my bf bought me is the EDP. l don't personally find them very noticeably different, but l would say perhaps the EDP has more richness & maybe more vanilla in the base. The EDP also has greater projection; not sure about the longevity, but both last many hours on me. l think both are beautiful scents, & l've had many compliments wearing the EDP. Why not buy the 30ml bottle if you are unsure? Enjoy your trip!
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    Default Re: Seeking quick advice: Allure edp vs edt

    Thanks so much for the advice and welcome, teardrop! Since the EDT is very light, a bit more richness and strength in the base might be a good thing. Somehow I haven't seen the 30 ml size, but I will try to track one down...

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