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    Default Mitsouko as a room scent.

    Can confirm that Mitsouko makes your bedroom smell like an echanted forest full of peaches after my wife spilt her bottle of parfum this morning.

    Luckily not too much was lost but it got me thinking has anyone else accidently used a perfume as a room scent through spillage and how did it work?

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    Default Re: Mitsouko as a room scent.

    Hanae Mori HM made an excellent room scent.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko as a room scent.

    I have a paper spill with Amber Sultan on it in my car. Been there. Month and it smells fantastic even now

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    Default Re: Mitsouko as a room scent.

    So does Peau d'Espagne. It's not as astringent.
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    Default Re: Mitsouko as a room scent.

    I read somewhere that Karl Lagerfeld sprayed Mitsouko on his curtains. I don’t know whether he still does that, but I always liked the idea of that. My husband once accidentally broke a glass vial of vintage L’Origan that someone had sent me. I didn’t like it as perfume at that time because it had some medicinal association for me (I was unable to appreciate its beauty), but it made the room smell wonderful. Friends years ago used Coco as a room scent in their shop. That was nice, too. I think some fragrances are much better appreciated from a distance.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko as a room scent.


    As I mention in another thread some time ago, threre's a famous scene in the movie Belle de Jour in which the character played by Catherine Deneuve breaks a bottle of Mitsouko. After that, very bad things happen, so keep an eye on your wife.

    That said, M smells wonderful, so at least your room must really feel like an enchanted place. Depending on where it fell, it could linger for a long time.


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    Default Re: Mitsouko as a room scent.

    I spilt a sample of Ava Luxe's Midnight Violet all over my bed years ago and the bed plus room was heavenly for weeks !
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    Default Re: Mitsouko as a room scent.

    For me it was Karl Lagerfeld's WOODY, just this week. But on purpose. It was an impulse buy that went right. Smells completely different on my male partner than it does me.

    A few days ago, it was sitting in our little dresser top vanity, and it called to me as I was putting fresh pillowcases on new pillows. I sprayed the pillows, then their covers, then the pillowcases. And did not tell my bedmate. He came in that night, and since I am at best a hit or miss kind of domestic goddess, he asked if somebody had cleaned the bedroom.

    We rolled around in WOODY sheets. I seem to do that better than cleaning anyway. But a good spritz of scent sure helps the impression of my domestic skills. Next time is his turn to make the bed. I think I will "accidently" dump some more WOODY on the sheets. Smells wonderful.

    Mitsouko on my curtains? Decadent and divine.

    I did spill a generous sample of Chanel 5 edt in my car a few months ago. It still makes me want to lick the upholstery.

    But that might just be a personal issue....

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