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    Default What are aldehydes?

    I was smelling Nautica (1992) by Nautica the other day and I looked at and I saw one of the top notes was aldehydes. So can someone tell me what aldehydes are and what they are supposed to smell like? Also what are some male perfumes that have it as part of their composition.

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    Default Re: What are aldehydes?

    Smell Chanel no.5.
    The primary part of what you smell is aldehydes.
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    Default Re: What are aldehydes?

    I saved this article from Perfume Shrine blog:

    edit: whoops, JiveHippo beat me to it. See, we both thought is was a good article.

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    Default Re: What are aldehydes?

    A lot of fragrances contain aldehydes but you won't always be aware of them. They add a vivid, quick quality to top notes. They give strength and vibrancy, allowing for the expansion of notes that would otherwise go unnoticed, often bursting open the floral notes. "In florals, aldehydes as as a white background against which floral colors can shine..." But dependng upon the kind of fragrance and the kind of aldehyde, they can do all kinds of things. They can be powdery, fruity, green, citrusy, floral, woody, etc. There are hundreds of them and they can smell vastly different from those found in Chanel No.5.

    The majority of fragrances, men's and women's, contain some kind of aldehyde.

    The Perfume Shrine link mentioned above gives some good info.
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    Default Re: What are aldehydes?

    Perfect example above, as is the reference to Chanel No.5
    If aldehydes are the prominant top note, that smell bright, white and often soapy. Almost nose piercingly synthetic.
    Some perfect examples of this are
    Stephen Jones x Comme des Garcons
    La Myrrhe
    White Linen

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