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    Default Cassia essential oil in natural perfumery

    I am just curious. I have found conflicting information. Is cassia essential oil used in natural perfumery? Is it safe to use on the skin once it is diluted. Thank you

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    Default Re: Cassia essential oil in natural perfumery

    Cassia oil certainly is still used in perfumery, but you canít use more than a trace before you start to get into difficulties with IFRA compliance, so if that is important to you, you should probably avoid it. The problem is that it contains some chemicals with suspected carcinogenic effects that are active via skin absorption: safety is a relative term - compared to smoking 40 a day itís pretty safe, compared to using a perfume without it, less so. Whether you want to use it in a perfume for your own personal use, depends on your attitude to that kind of risk.

    I have a small amount of a CO2 extract of cassia and the smell is fantastic. I had in mind to use it in a reed diffuser, but have yet to find a solvent (other than supercritical CO2) that will dissolve it all.
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    Default Re: Cassia essential oil in natural perfumery

    Thank you Chris. I looked at the Ifra and could not find the cassia essential oil listed. I made a new thread. I appreciate your input. You seem very knowledgeable. Honestly eventually I would like to recreate Chrism oil by memory but not sure if I will ever be able to do it. I downloaded the book from the IFRA so I can educate myself, but find it a bit confusing. So I will re read your sticky here too. Peace

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