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    Default Tobacco dark & light

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know where I can get some Tobacco 'light' (either as an essential oil or as an absolute which works fine for me) and also some Tobacco 'dark'.

    I have very little experience with Tobacco and any help would be greatly appreciated!

    ... and as a final question, are you able to tell them apart in a blend or would they smell very similar? I have smelt Amouage's Tribute attar and I really do love it but I'm not sure if that is a light or dark tobacco used in the blend?

    Tnx in advance!

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    Default Re: Tobacco dark & light

    Hi Acer. I'll kick off with what little I know. Only yesterday I received my latest order from Hermitage Oils which included Tobacco Absolute. It's very dark with a rich, tenacious aroma. I made a 50% base dilution in ethanol to make it more workable because it's quite thick and I work with drops so I need to have all my materials at a similar, thin viscosity to ensure some degree of accuracy. This is only my second order from Hermitage and I'm blown away by their service: free postage to Australia on orders over £40 and Adam is fantastic and treats every order with his own unique personal touch. Thoroughly recommended.

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    Default Re: Tobacco dark & light

    Tobacco Absolute is a HUGE note in a perfume. I would recommend diluting it down to 10% and then dosing very lightly. It is very powerful and can easilly dominate a blend.
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    Default Re: Tobacco dark & light

    Tnx guys for your replies

    So what is the difference between Tobacco light & Tobacco dark?

    I need to buy both of them!

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    Default Re: Tobacco dark & light

    I will say I have no idea but could it be derived from different tobacco? If you check out cigar construction you'll see an explanation of the different leaf types used for different types of cigars. I'm thinking light and dark represents the use of different types of leaves to produce the oil.

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    Default Re: Tobacco dark & light

    Quote Originally Posted by acer3 View Post
    Tnx guys for your replies

    So what is the difference between Tobacco light & Tobacco dark?

    I need to buy both of them!

    Not sure what you mean by dark and light. By light you mean "blond" maybe? I have bought several natural tobacco abs over the years but all are rather "dark". I don't know if anyone else has found something different? My guess is you are referring to marketing terms more than an actual type of absolute, but would be very happy to be wrong... do you have a link to someone claiming to sell these two things?

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    Default Re: Tobacco dark & light

    Hi there and thankx for your reply I'm not entirely sure myself to be perfectly honest ... All I know is what I was told by a friend who wants to create a certain blend for me, but in order for him to complete this blend he needs Tobacco light and dark. He told me that he has run out of the light version and can't find it anymore. I asked him what do you mean by light and dark -> now if memory serves me correctly he replied by saying that one is a lighter smelling tobacco (tobacco light) and the other is a more heavier/darker smelling tobacco (tobacco dark). He said that in order to complete the blend, he needs to use both -> one which is the lighter tobacco and the other which is the darker tobacco. I practically have no experience with Tobacco but I thought their was only one type of Tobacco oil that can be used? This blend will be made into an attar and not diluted with alcohol or anything of that nature. It is a very beautiful blend and one which I adore very much, some of the ingredients used in this blend will be frankincense, cambodian oud, rose taifi, tobacco light & dark, etc.

    Finally, does anyone know if using Tobacco oil will have any adverse health effects? If anyone has tried Amouage Tribute then they will know what I mean by how addictive the Tobacco note in it is!

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    Default Re: Tobacco dark & light

    guys any help?

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