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Thread: Power Scent

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    Default Power Scent

    Greetings fellow bners,
    I'm looking for recommendations for a "Power Scent" for a man in his late 40's.
    As always, your expertise is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    One of my favorites...Gucci Pour Homme I

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    If you want powerful as in strong projecting then Lapidus pour homme! If you want powerful as in powerful business man persona, then Puredistance M.
    "I am a robot and I like cheese"

    Top 5:
    1. Axe Kilo
    2. Lectric Shave
    3. Vicks Vapor Rub
    4. Febreze Pour Homme
    5. Preferred Stock

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Chanel Antaeus.
    Currently wearing: Aventus by Creed

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    One Man Show Gold

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Parfums de Nicolai New York
    Guerlain Heritage
    Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Pour Homme
    Puredistance M
    My Top Ten:

    1: Guerlain - Habit Rouge
    2: Guerlain - Jicky
    3: Guerlain - Mouchoir de Monsieur
    4: Guerlain - Shalimar
    5: Knize - Knize Ten
    6: Caron - Yatagan
    7: Caron - Pour Un Homme
    8: Jean Desprez - Bal a Versailles
    9: Yves Saint Laurent - M7
    10: Salvador Dali - Dali Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Olibanum by Profumum - Upon application, one is treated to a medicinally resinous myrrh, at once cooling and green, but sharply sour, with a slightly moist, mushroom-like mustiness. And, a somewhat dark, orange blossom infuses its sweet fruity, earthy and indolic aspects. This dank, green melange meanders to the middle, where a pure olibanum, reminiscent of an infusing frankincense during the celebration of a High Mass, envelops the bitter greenness with its alluring splendor. A faint, rustic tabacco undercurrent, like a freshly-opened pack of cigarettes, drifts in and out. Transitioning to the comforting base, a smooth and creamy sandalwood lifts the frankincense, while a slightly terpene, conifer nuance presents. A sublime drydown ensues. An exalted scent to be sure, this masculine composition is an all-season fragrance, with average projection and good longevity.

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Knize Ten, a butch but elegant ambery leather. (But I also second Antaeus).


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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Kouros, baby!

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Habit Rouge

    Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme

    EDIT: and +1 on Antaeus

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Azzaro pH
    Drakkar Noir

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Antaeus works very well.
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Santos Concentree
    Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée
    Chanel Antaeus
    Givenchy Gentleman

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Bois d'Encens (Armani Prive) -- austere power (a far more affordable and near match to this is Tommy Bahama)

    Grey Vetiver -- Tom Ford

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Bois d'Encens (Armani Prive) -- austere power (a far more affordable and near match to this is Tommy Bahama)

    Grey Vetiver -- Tom Ford

    Consider Royal Oud (Creed)

    More important than any suggestion is the self-suggestion that you give yourself. If it makes you feel powerful, THAT is your power frag.

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    One more for Antaeus

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Depending on what type of 'power' you are looking for:

    Fahrenheit by Christian Dior
    Rive Gauche by YSL
    Tiffany for Men by Tiffany
    Derby by Guerlain
    Dunhill Edition by Dunhill (NOT the new version)
    Pasha by Cartier
    We're all in the same game; just different levels. Dealing with the same hell; just different devils.

    My swap list

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by del View Post
    Chanel Antaeus.
    THIS. Can't go wrong. A powerhouse and old-school.
    My Top 5!!!
    1. 1740: Marquis de Sade, Histoires de Parfums
    2. 1899: Ernest Hemingway, Histoires de Parfums
    3. Tirrenico, Profumi del Forte
    4. 1969, Histoires de Parfums
    5. Derby, Guerlain

    "Coincidence is God's way of winking." --Me

    "It's alright to flirt with the idea of giving up, so long as you don't." --Me

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Creed Bois du Portugal


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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by del View Post
    Chanel Antaeus.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jazznpool View Post
    Creed Bois du Portugal
    "I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical...It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government." - Thomas Jefferson

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    Antaeus works very well.
    I think this is a good suggestion but I also feel that power is all about the person rather than their fragrance.
    At the end of the day I think you should wear whatever gets you into the mindset you're after.

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    Power Where You Need It
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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    Knize Ten, a butch but elegant ambery leather. (But I also second Antaeus).
    What he says....I'll add Lauder For Men but go easy on the trigger with this one...

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui
    YSL Pour homme Haute Concentration
    Boucheron Pour homme EDP

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    VC&A PH
    Azzaro PH

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Hmmm I'll give this a shot, umm perhaps Amouage Tribute? That stuff is powerfull!

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Givenchy Gentleman. Although personally I don't like it.

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Many 'power' scents walk a fine line between projecting a powerful aura and an obnoxious stench. That said, I second judicious applications of Santos Concentree, Derby, and Bois du Portugal.

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    Default Re: Power Scent

    Depends on your power watch, power pen and power shoes... POWER! I agree with Kouros, 6 or sprays of this stuff will leave nobody in doubt of who's wearing the power. However, if you have a boss with the power to fire you, this might not work out so well.

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    Sound Scents
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    Default Re: Power Scent

    +1 Havana by Aramis
    Current Top Favorites:
    1) Portrait of a Lady original formula (EdP Frédéric Malle)
    2) Giorgio for Men vintage/V.I.P. for Men (Giorgio Beverly Hills)
    3) Dia Man vintage edt (Amouage)
    Anat Fritz Original Formula and Classical (Anat Fritz) - tie
    4) Lalfeorosa (O'driù) - tie

    Les Nombres d'Or Vetyver (Mona di Orio)
    7) Captain vintage (Molyneux)
    8) Tzora (Anat Fritz)
    9) Javanese Patchouli (Zegna) - tie
    9) Monsieur de Givenchy vintage (Givenchy) - tie
    9) Coeur de Vetiver Sacré (L'Artisan) - tie
    9) Polo vintage (Ralph Lauren) - tie
    9) Patou pour Homme Privé (Jean Patou) - tie
    9) Oud Shamash (The Different Company) - tie
    Currently wearing: Rose Cut by Ann Gerard

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