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Thread: Power Scent

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    Old School - Creed Bois Du Portugal
    Modern - Tom Ford Extreme.
    Currently wearing: Eucris by Geo F Trumper

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    This! bit expensive though US$ 400,-

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    Lauder for Men... rich, powerful, compelling. An American equivalent to Antaeus. It's still in production, but I guess they aren't exporting it to Europe because it's completely infused with oakmoss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by indianwells View Post
    Givenchy Gentleman. Although personally I don't like it.

    I think this could work, though maybe Heritage (Guerlain) might be better. Also Kouros (YSL), though it does seem to be a bit of a love or hate scent, Rive Gauche (YSL) and for me the most perfect scent, Chanel Pour Monsieur, except that it is not really a power scent...

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    Puredistance M

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    Trussardi Uomo
    Aramis pour Homme
    Versace l'Homme
    Francesco Smalto pour Homme
    Eau Sauvage
    Esencia Loewe
    Gucci Nobile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reza View Post
    One more for Antaeus
    Antaeus would be my recommendation too
    Current Top 5:
    1. Frederic Malle L'eau d'Hiver
    2. Tom Ford Noir de Noir
    3. Dior Homme / Dior Homme Intense
    4. Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane / Pure Malt
    5. Creed Aventus / Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

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    Oscar De La Renta Pour Lui

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    Guys, your generosity always makes me smile.
    I'll take your advice and sample a few of these.
    Thanks for your input.

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    Chanel Antaeus. I'm wearing it now and it never ceases to amaze and captivate me.. it's just a beauty of a scent... Just wow.
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    Wishlist: Byredo Pulp, Creed Aventus, Montale Black Aoud, Original Santal, Dior Jules, Invasion Barbare, Pure Distance M

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    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    Antaeus works very well.

    The reformulation is rather timid. Think Leona Helmsley versus a Donald Trump.

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    I agree. If you can find a vintage bottle of Antaeus you would be much better off. The newer is too powdery and tame while the older one roars.

    Rive Gauche is another classic if you have not tried. Azzaro ph and Rochas Lui are brilliant too.

    Good luck!
    La vita è breve, la morte vien.

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    +1 Azzaro Pour Homme

    Escensia Loewe
    Terre d'Hermes

    -1 Grey Vetiver

    It's a very pleasant scent, but no powerhouse.

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