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    Default Hermes Rough and 24 Faubourg

    Hi all, I found these two bottles, mostly full on an auction site. If I remember correctly, both are over 2.5 oz bottles nearly full, I think one is actually 3.3 oz. What is that maximum bid I should place? I am not familiar with these fragrances and I do not own anything made by Hermes, but according to the notes, they would make a great addition to my collection. Any suggestions will do.

    I hope I posted the link right so you all can see the photos. I am new to this. Thanks again...

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    Default Re: Hermes Rough and 24 Faubourg

    They are definitely worth sampling. I have no idea how much you want to bid. Rouge is a love or hate fragrance. 24 Faubourg is more loved than Rouge.

    I am scare of buying blind. Perhaps buying a sample first would help.

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    Default Re: Hermes Rough and 24 Faubourg

    I am the one on whose skin Rouge works (and there is nothing ruff about it, BTW). Start with a little over $40, see where it gets you.
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    Default Re: Hermes Rough and 24 Faubourg

    "Hermes Rough"? That's got to be a fake, right?
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