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Thread: Anyone tried

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    Default Anyone tried

    anything from the Alkemia Perfume line?

    Some of them look interesting.

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    I know this is old but I thought I'd add to it since this. I ordered samples of Lacivius, Corsiar, Smoke And Mirrors, Attar Al Oud, Antique Patchouli and got Farkas as a bonus. Lacivius is a medicinal, menthol musk. I'm guessing it's the oud although this is my first experience with it so I'm not sure. It's growing on me though. The perfumer suggested layering it with Smoke and mirros and I did. the smokey sweetness cuts the medicinal aspect nicely. Corsiar I've only worn once. It's suppose to be "an aromatic fougère based on an 18th century men's cologne". Sweetly spicy is how I remember it. Smoke and Mirrors is nice on it's own and layered. It smalls like a smoke and vanilla. Sounds a bit strange but is nice for a sweet scent. A little simple and straight forward on it's own. Attar Al Oud I've yet to wear and Antique Patchouli was weird on me. I've never worn straight patchouli but the first person I saw at work commented on the fact they could smell it on my and my wife hugged me when I got home and smiled calling me a dirty hippie. So even though I had trouble detecting it clearly it was there. The one I liked most was Farkas. It's what I imagined Lacivius to be like. It's a slightly dirty, a touch sweet and leathery scent.

    At the end of the day oils are quite different then regular perfume. I'd be interested in diluting these with some alcohol to see if they lift off the skin a bit more.

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    Old thread is old! I just got my order today, and so far the ones I've tried have been Not For Me. They go sickeningly sweet on my skin, and mostly smell like those generic cheap oils at the hippie head shops -- bad incense and A Mess of Flowers.

    Except for Terrae, which smells like The Cheapest Patchouli In The World, on me. Wow. I so do not love these. Even Attar Al Oud, which turned to all Nasty Attar and No Oud.

    Why must my skin be so sweet-amplifying? I like perfume oils, I've worn them before, but I'm not going to be wearing these. Still a half dozen others to sniff, but I can't say I feel particularly anticipatory about it. Too bad. The aesthetic of the shop is charming.

    Edited to add: after spending time with the remains of what I tried, I really hate these with a passion, and am pretty viciously reactive to at least one of them. There is... a lot of not-very-good synthetic scent in these, or I will eat one of my many hats. These don't even smell (as so many things do) like "quality that I am too picky/weird to like," these just smell like the crap from the Michaels aisle for scenting homemade candles. I don't think I'll bother with the other six samples.
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