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    Default Help with material suppliers and the USAs BATFE

    It was suggested to me on The Shave Nook that I come here to ask for experienced help.

    I make a Bay Rum that is a game changer so I've been told. I built it for me, but after allowing others to try it I've gotten many rave reviews. But It contains real rum and that brings the federal government into the picture from what I gather. Up to this point to stay legal I've only given my BR away. But that can't continue for long. Too many folks want it, so it looks like I have a business if I can only jump the hurdles or find a way around them.

    Calling ATF is useless, as I haven't been able to find anyone there who can answer my questions. I buy my rum and pay the tax for drinking liquor. The only person I can get at ATF is the person in charge of returning my tax to me since I'm using the rum for non-drinking purposes.

    Do I need to get ATF approval of my formula to use the rum that I legally purchase for a non-drinking use? That is, I'll pay the tax and just wipe my hands of getting that $ back at this time. Is that OK? At this point it's more of a hassle than it's worth. I do add Bitrex to my formula. I know the CFR talks about adding Butanol also along with the Bitrex, but I can't find that for sale anywhere for topical use.

    OK, so after getting absolutely no where trying to talk to someone at ATF, I decided to bypass them and use perfumers alcohol. One major problem there. The place where I was going to buy it has or is going out of business and they aren't accepting orders.

    Does anyone have a source of bulk orders of perfumers alcohol? When I write bulk I mean a few gallons at a time, not a railcar or pallet load.

    Does anyone know of a source of Butanol for topical use? Maybe a quart or gallon at a time?

    Thanks folks!

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    Default Re: Help with material suppliers and the USAs BATFE

    I can't verify quality on this, but here is where I will be making my next purchase.
    You can check out my fragrances at
    While I work on the website, you can email me for any inquiries at

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