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    Anyone know anything about these guys ?

    They have some cheap Creed that i'm interested in

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    Interesting, their creed prices arent too cheap but for an Australian company its cheap. The prices on other perfumes are about right...will be interesting to see if its genuine.
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    i'm very close to be pulling the trigger on a Creed here this will be my first Creed, Osi1s you tempted to buy something too =) ?

    I assume there are fake Creed's out there?

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    Yes plenty of fakes around. If they are a smaller company you could potentially contact them and ask them what batch number is on the bottle and then confirm with the boards here if its a genuine but even then. Until someone else verifies them id probably stick to buying your fragrances from verified sellers (Fragrancenet, FragranceX, Beauty Encounter).
    "Geez, when are the 'We love Aventus' T-shirts coming out?"
    (Possum-Pie, 2012)

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