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    Default Help with hairstyle!

    Hey guy's I was looking to change my hair style to this:

    The one on the left

    Im not sure if my hair is long/short enough and would just some run of the mill V05 stlying wax do the job for this?

    And also as I've never used much wax or jel how would I need to apply it to get the effect pictured?

    this is my hair at its current length that was taken like a week ago: [IMG][/IMG]

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    Default Re: Help with hairstyle!

    it's short to the point of feathery lol. Your hair is already short but to get the one in the pic you should ask for a shorter one cropped closer to your head and that frames your face. They both look like they were styled with gel, honestly the hair is too short for wax or paste. Or maybe try a nice grooming cream? Personal opinion- if you don't have a long face, this might not suit you. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Help with hairstyle!

    Well Im new to most of this in the picture it says that american crew fiber was used so I wasn't sure.

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    Default Re: Help with hairstyle!

    No expert at all, but from your pic, your hair looks a tad too short to get that desired look on the left. Yup - good luck.

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    Default Re: Help with hairstyle!

    Fiber is a decent product, but I think Aveda Control Paste is better. It's drier and less gunky. There does not appear to be product in your hair when you use it. My hair is almost identical to the picture on the left you linked to, and it works perfectly for that type of style.

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    The hairstyle you seek looks like a slight faux hawk. To style it, you may want to use something with a little more hold than American Crew Fiber. I have their pomade and moulding cream and they just aren't strong enough. I rock a side part slicked pack pompadour type hairstyle and I've used everything from American Crew to Murray's Pomade to keep my hair styled. I think for the faux hawk, Axe Pomade in the purple container will hold up ok. Axe Messy Look Paste would also work well. I recommend those rather than the hardcore stuff b/c the Axe will wash out of your hair easily.

    As for getting it cut the right way, take that pic to your barber/hair stylist and tell them you want your hair to look like that.
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    Default Re: Help with hairstyle!

    Your hair is a tad short, but just grow it out a bit.

    About the gel, actually I think its the other way around. The shorter it is, the better wax works. If your hair is longer, you have to use more wax to control it than if it was shorter.

    I suggest Bumble and Bumble Sumotech, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Creme, or even American Crew Fiber (though my least favorite of the three).

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    Default Re: Help with hairstyle!

    My hair looks pretty much naturally like the guy's on the right if I grow it out a little lol. It's stroppy, thick and defies gravity, hence I keep it short mostly.

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