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    Default Television ad masquerading as a fragrance ad

    In the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine, there is a paper fragrance strip that looks like a fragrance ad: a black and white close-up of a woman's seductive gaze, and a vial of what appears to be perfume in bottom of the ad.

    It's actually an ad for the TV series, "The Borgias." The vial appears to be poison, much used in the schemes portrayed in the series.

    A clever ad!

    Oh, I sniffed the paper strip, and it was very high in gardenia!
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    Default Re: Television ad masquerading as a fragrance ad

    Clever indeed!

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    Default Re: Television ad masquerading as a fragrance ad

    Oh, I'm going to look for that one!

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    Default Re: Television ad masquerading as a fragrance ad

    C'est très chic!

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    Default Re: Television ad masquerading as a fragrance ad

    Korean Air ran an ad on US TV a while back that looked a lot like a perfume ad. It even had a perfume bottle with juice that was the same shade of blue as the paint on Korean Air's planes.

    One of my relatives mistook it for a perfume ad at first!
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