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    Default "So New York" by Bond No 9

    For those of you men who have smelled this, can this be worn by a man?

    I know....I know...the basenotes mantra scents dont have a gender....etc etc. I get it. But for those that have smelled it, what your *your* impression of it?

    I like this coffee accord it has. I really like New Haarlem, and this seems less syrupy that that. I see it mentioned significantly less than NH on the male forum, and I wonder if it part because it's disregarded because it is marketed as a woman's scent for Bond (vs. the unisex label for NH).

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    It goes very sweet on me. I rather wear New Haarlem for my coffee fix

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    I found it alway to sweet, reductive as a matter of fact.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    Too sweet. Not for me.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    Thanks for the replies. Wearing sample on skin for first time now. I really like the scent, but maybe not something I want to wear regularly. I think this is a candle too. Would be a GREAT candle.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    This should have been labeled a Unisex, IMO. Nice and sweet coffee scent. Maybe a little to sweet.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    I like it a lot. I love sweet coffee, cappuccino, and coffee desserts / dessert coffees. I agree - I think Bond erred in calling this feminine - although maybe that call was simply reflecting the blurry gender line at the time of the release. Bond also tends to lean toward a feminine customer base overall, so it might have just been a money decision.
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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    I wear it and it doesn't get more manly than me.
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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    I find it more chocolate than coffee and definitely wearable by a man.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    What a coincidence, I was just testing this out today and yes it absolutely is wearable for a man.

    It sits squarely in the unisex category IMO.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    To me it is a woman's scent. I had 2 samples and gave them to a girl I know. I can't see a man wearing that.
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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    Was just about to ask this very question! Opinion seems fairly well split. Anyone else?

    Guess I should wait & test.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    Sorry for bringing this thread back up from a month ago, but I wore So New York the other day and found it very pleasant for a guy. It seemed maybe to lean feminine but I (think I) wear all my fragrances with confidence regardless of whatever gender the designers want to give it. I'm a huge fan of gourmands and this does have a nice chocolate/vanilla note against what I detected to be some floral notes. I'd say it's no more feminine than something like H.M. which has a somewhat unisex feel to me as well. Definitely worth wearing to see how you feel.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    My wife gave this to me today. She says it's not her style and is unisex. I smelled it and I agree. I happily accept the spray bon-Bon! It's basically Angel Lite.
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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    its not just sweet , its way too saccharine for my taste.

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    Default Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    It's a great fragrance that I do not find too sweet at all. Suitable for anyone who damn well wants to wear it.
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