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    Default Madonna Truth or Dare

    I didn't see any other post on this (other than the announcement article), so I'm going to start a thread. (If there's something else, we can merge).

    Anyway, I stopped at Macy's today and saw the Madonna perfume, Truth or Dare. Perfumeshrine's description is spot on. It is a Fracas wannabe, with the same distinctive creamy tuberose structure. But relative to Fracas, it is less tuberosy, more creamy, sweeter, and with a big dollop of white flowers, that is, in a modern direction. It is, in other words, much inferior to the ancestor.

    But compared to the average celeb perfume, it is an improvement. At least, it is not sickeningly sugary pink.

    The bottle is not as hideous as it appears in the pics. Just ugly, but at least with a minimum of bathroom retro.


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    I tested Truth Or Dare at Macy's today too and you're spot on ! It's very much Fracas but lite . I like it but I also did find the bottle ugly .
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    Default Re: Madonna Truth or Dare

    I don't own any celebrity scents and I'm not a huge fan of Madonna, but hearing about how this one smells I'm looking forward to trying it. Anyone know when it's coming to the UK?

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    Default Re: Madonna Truth or Dare

    Here's more information and a previous thread:


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    Default Re: Madonna Truth or Dare

    Unusually for a celebrity fragrance, this is one l am quite keen to try. Having seen it described as a "more wearable Fracas", it sounds like something l could wear at work, unlike Fracas!
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    Default Re: Madonna Truth or Dare

    Not sure it's more "wearable", it was quite strong on paper. The difference is that it's more creamy and less tuberosy.


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    Default Re: Madonna Truth or Dare

    I received a paper strip sample of this in the mail, and my first impression was a creamy tuberose floral. I have not tried the scent as a spray.

    Whether you like Madonna or not, she is a true survivor and chameleon performer--making hits since the early 80s.

    At least it's not another fruity floral.
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